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NFT Games Developers – Complete List Top 500 Play To Earn Games Developers



22Cans is an incorporated British company. It began its journey in the gaming world in 2012. The legendary builder of the God Game genre, Peter Molyneux created this company. The number 22 represented in the company’s name is the number of team members of Peter’s dream team of developers. These individuals are creative, game passionate, talented, and most of all experienced persons. Legacy a 22Cans project is an NFT game in the Metaverse. The game is about a virtual real estate world where players can own tracts of land. The game uses Ethereum blockchain technology for transactions.




Aurory is primarily gaming development studio. The company also deals in crypto technology. The studio has an industrious team of game developers. The team is creating AAA quality gaming experience for its users. The team consists of dozens of experienced individuals from the gaming world and cryptocurrency industry. Based on the Solana blockchain and developed by Aurory Studios, Aurory is a tactical and free-to-play game.

Amihan Entertainment

Amihan Entertainment builds and publishes next-generation video games based on blockchain technology. The company is based in Los Angeles, USA. An ex-founding team of a famed game builder founded this gaming studio. The company has aim to redefine the relationship between the developer and players. Amihan Entertainment’s vision is to provide equal opportunities to players through gamesEverseed is an upcoming play to earn, massively multiplayer online (MMO) game on the Solana blockchain.

Addicting Games

Addicting Games is the top online game website in the USA. They are among the pioneers of the casual game segment.  The studio is creating, distributing, and publishing online games since the turn of the century. The studio has more than 10 million users. Addicting Games works with other developers to build and publish online blockchain games of almost all genres. They have a unique routine of releasing new games every Thursday. Since they have vast experience in developing and publishing online games, gamers wait anxiously for their release. Addicting Games Inc. created the instant-play blockchain game

Astro Space

Astro Space, also the name of their game Astro Space, is the first farm-to-steal mobile game to be launched on the Solana blockchain. Players with Astrobot NFTs—Astrobots are the main characters in the game—complete single-player quests and compete with other players to earn Astro Gems (ASG). Players may then choose to refine ASG into Astro Space Tokens (AST) to level up buildings, upgrade weapons, or breed new Astrobot NFTs.

Axana Games Inc

Axana Games has announced their adoption of the Enjin Platform. The team is developing a full-scale sci-fi MMO called Wavelings that explores a blockchain-powered future free from hunger, disease, and climate change.


Agate is an NFT game developer and provides the services of gamification solutions to its clients The developer is based in Indonesia. Its development team consists of talented and truly professional individuals. Their game is Avarik Saga, which is a blockchain NFT game. The game is rapidly getting the attention of gamers.

Arker labs

Arker Labs has created the blockchain game Arker: The Legend of Ohm. It is basically a multiplayer game but both PVE and PVP modes of playability are able in the game.


A group of five people started Appxplore, a Malaysian award-winning mobile game development studio. Their blockchain CrypantCrab is an NFT game. Players earn (P2Eplay to earn) while they entertain themselves while playing it. Another game is Claw Stars. All the NFT artifacts you collect on your expeditions can be used to decorate your home. You can also sell them on the marketplace.

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands has multiple subsidiaries, including The Sandbox, Blowfish Studios, Quidd, GAMEE, nWay, Pixowl, Bondly, Lympo, and Grease Monkey Games. Animoca Brands has a growing portfolio of more than 170 investments in NFT-related companies and decentralized projects that are contributing to building the open metaverse, including Axie Infinity, OpenSea, Dapper Labs (NBA Top Shot), Yield Guild Games, Harmony, Alien Worlds, Star Atlas, and others.

Albert Chen

The proud developers of Genopets. Genopets is the world’s first move to earn an NFT game that lets you make assets while having fun and staying fit. Genopets is a Free-to-PlayMove-to-Earn NFT mobile game on Solana that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle.


Abeats is a community-driven game distribution platform with GameFi and SocialFi at its coreAbeats Hero is a play-and-earn game where the players must fight, breed, gather, train, and create their own tribe for their heroes.

Altered State Machine

Altered State Machine has a patent pending for the ownership of AI ML models via NFT’s. Their game AIFA Football is a decentralized gaming experience where the player will have complete ownership of the AI player. The player will not only create NFT players but also train them using the Altered State Machine (ASM) protocol.

Alpha League Racing

The game developer Alpha League Racing is developing an ambitious blockchain racing game project called Alpha League Racing, and this game is one of the first racing games built on Solana.



Battle Saga

Battle Saga, is also the name of the game developer behind this cool game called Battle Saga. The game is a Clash of Clan inspired decentralized Earn-Without-Playing (EWP) strategic metaverse game implementing innovative DAO system for the best user experience and adaptability.

Blue Monster Games

Blue Monster Games is a company that develops and publishes video games based on NFT technology. The company is based in Florida, USA. Since its formation in 2021, the games the company develops have the sole purpose that is to play to earn (P2E).


Bullieverse is the game developer of its flagship project Bullieverse. Become a Bulliver Island citizen by grabbing a Bull NFT in this fun blockchain game called Bullieverse.


BoomBit started its operations. Based in Poland, it is one of the largest and most successful play-to-earn mobile game developers and publishers in the cryptocurrency world. Developed by BoomBit, BoomLand is not a game in reality. It is a decentralized platform where the NFTCryptocurrency gamers, or developers can directly interact to create a stronger Web3 community.

Blocklete Games

Blocklete Games is a Turner Sports sports blockchain video gaming subsidiary. Blocklete Games has developed its flagship game Blocklete Golf. It is an NFT game, which means that once a player buys a golfer, he or she becomes the owner of that golfer.


Battlebound is a blockchain game developer based in Los Angeles. Battlebound has created Evaverse . Players will play and enjoy its games because it is offering the best-in-genre gameplay. Battlebound’s play-to-earn model will enhance the gaming experience by providing the ultimate level of ownership of NFTs in the games. It is a digital landscape where the players can play different games and experience the AAA gaming experience in the virtual world.


Bisonic Inc. is a blockchain video game developer which has a team of AAA industry veterans. The Forgotten Runes is an NFT world-building metaverse simulation game, a joint venture of the two companies. The exciting game provides several ways to earn real money.

Brightstar Studios

Bright Star Studios is developing its flagship game Ember Sword.  Collecting NFTs and landownership of assets is possible via the Ethereum blockchain.

Big Time

Big Time Gaming is a top-class entertainment company based in Australia. Big Time Gaming is the creator of the ‘Megaways’ innovation. BTG has launched its blockchain game Big Time. Big Time is an NFT third-person action RPG playable in co-op game mode


The Blockstars is a blockchainplay to earnNFT game developer. They believe that the blockchain is the next massive, disruptive set of technologies that will enable totally new digital ecosystem consumer experiences. The players can mix and match to form bands and climb the charts in their flagship game Blockstars.

B-side Games

B-Side Games is a blockchain game developing studio. It is based in Germany. The studio’s development team is using state-of-the-art Web3 gaming technology for developing their games. B-Side Games has developed the blockchain game Chainmonsters. It’s an exciting addition to massively multiplayer NFT games.

Brick Geek Games

Brick Geek GamesChampions Hunters is an NFT-based crypto game in which you embody a character that hunts champion monsters.

Blowfish Studio

Blowfish Studios is an Australian award-winning P2E game developer and publisherPhantom Galaxies is their blockchain-based game. It is still in the development stage. Looking at the past projects of the studio, the game holds a promising future.


BovineVerse is a new Fi+ metaverse gaming platform based on Web3. The company is working on futuristic virtual multiverse. The Fi+ concept is new, BovineVerse has introduced it to the WEB3 gaming community. Besides, the developers plan on making the project an independent decentralized metaverse gaming platform where everyone can invest for long-term returns. In the BovineVerse metaverse, players can own NFTs which will be necessary for some parts of the game and optional for others.




Calystral is a blockchainNFT game developer based in Germany. Synergy of Serra is a free-to-play card game that lets players play and earn money. In the game, the players utilize the standard deck of cards.

CFX Games

CFX Gaming, the team stands at the forefront of change. Their P2E games challenge the status quo and shape the future of how it is played. Crypto and blockchain technology games are one of the main drivers of entertainment, and it grows at an exponential rate. Thumbs up for CFX and their gameCryptopolis!

Cantina Royale

The game developer Cantina Royale developer the game called Cantina Royale. Cantina Royale is a play-and-earn crypto gaming experience on the WEB3. Cantina is where bounty hunters, space pirates, mercenaries, and smugglers meet up for sharing drinks, exchange loots, find raid missions, or just partake in the fighting ring to win some extra cash.


The game developer Clashdome, who created the game Clashdome, a blockchain offers five mobile-friendly games, each with the ability to play to earn.


Crabada is a blockchain game developer and publisherCrabada is the first fantastic game that the studio introduced on Web3. It is based on NFT technology. The game is available on all popular platforms, like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

Chrono Games

Chrono Games is a web3 game developer based on blockchain. The flagship game of Chrono Games is Forest Knight. It is a mobile turn-based strategy NFT game. The game contains fantastic features that cater to both PVE and PVP players.


Chromaway is the game developer behind the game Mines of Dalarnia. It is a 2D NFT action-adventure blockchain game that uses DAR as its token.


Com2uS Studios is a Korean mobile and online game development company. The studio has developed two of his famous blockchain gamesSummoners War: Lost Centuria and Chromatic Souls AFK Raid. Both games are gaining popularity among gamers around the world.

Cometh Battle

Cometh Battle is a video game developer. Its games are based on blockchain Metaverse. It’s a hybrid community between DeFi users and game playersCometh Battle is a next-generation blockchain game. The game is free to own as well as free to play.

Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders has raised $6 million in funding for its “play-to-own” role-playing game (RPG) with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Crypto Raiders, a utility-based NFT RPG game that draws inspiration from Zed.Run and World of Warcraft

Certain Affinity

Certain Affinity is an independent game developer based in Austin, TX, USA. Founded in 2006  with the goal of creating innovative, top-quality action games. Their upcoming gameLast Expedition is a AAA shooter blockchain-based warfare game set in the NFT universe.

Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming is a leading play-to-earn and blockchain gaming studio. They are also the developers of the most successful and highest quality traditional gamesSolChick is an NFT, MMORPG game based on the Solana blockchain technology. It is the masterpiece game of Catheon Gaming.


The CyBall blockchain game developers team is made up of experienced blockchain experts who have developed some of the industry’s earliest infrastructureCyball is a blockchainNFT football game, where gamers pitch their players against each other in matches to win coins. The game offers a wide range of characters that are collectible NFTs.


Cartified is the game developer of the play to earn game War Riders. War Riders is a unique game on the WEB3 side of gaming showcasing a vast post-apocalyptic world. In this world, you destroy vehicles and cars roaming around the wasteland and lot them for their parts. Moreover, each collectible part of the vehicle like the skin, the engine, the wheels, etc. is an NFT and is tradeable in the market using the in-game token called Benzene ($BZN).

CM Games (Creative Mobile)

CM Games is an independent blockchain game developer based in Northern Europe since 2010. They are developing mobile, VR, and NFT projects. More than 400 million players have installed their super-fun gamesNitro Nation World Tour is a much anticipated upcoming blockchain game under the banner of Mythical Games and Creative Mobile, CM Games.


Cryptomeda is an NFT gaming platform aiming to revolutionize the gaming sector. It is an exciting and unique system of NFTDeFi, and community cooperation placed in the fantasy world. Cryptomeda has developed the game Meda Shooter which is a series of minigames with super fun blockchain games with NFT rewards.


The game developer Civitas has developed the strategic city-building NFT game Civitas, each player can personalize their plot(s) of land with one-of-a-kind buildings and other things they’ve made or obtained. Each building built on a player’s land will have an impact on its statistics and capacity to generate passive resources.

Citadel Studios

Citadel Studios is a London-based blockchain game maker studio. It builds next-generation sandbox games. It’s blockchain game Legends of Aria is a moddable online sandbox MMORPG. Formally the game was known as Shards Online.

Chain X Game

Chain X Game is currently developing and publishing traditional as well as blockchain video games. Chain X Game’s blockchain game Revoland is an exciting new addition to the NFT gaming segment. The game is based on the Binance Smart Chain Technology.



Dracoo World

Dracoo World is a blockchain Web3-based video games builder on Dracoo IP. It offers different types of games and communities to its users. The game builder allows players to build their own exclusive games and earn money. Its exclusive ecosystem allows players to bring external NFT’s into its metaverseDracoo Master is a card-collecting NFT game on the WEB3 that focuses on deck-building and combining different skills to create unique attacks


Defination, the game developer of Age of Tanks, an NFT DeFi play-to-earn, strategy game of battling tanks on blockchain technology.


Dogami is the game developer of Dogami. In Dogami, your objective is to raise your dog NFT successfully from a puppy through adulthood, to parenthood, and ultimately to the afterlife. I enjoy how the gameplay is varied by each of these phases of the game.

Dehorizon Official

DeHorizon Foundation has a team of 33 full-time members working on an ambitious metaverse project. The team’s objective is to provide a second life to the people in their metaverse. The metaverse is known as DeHorizon which is an MMORPG DeVerse. Their projects are DeHorizon Metaverse 1.0 and DeHorizon Metaverse 2.0.

Decentraland / Metaverse Holdings

The company behind Decentraland is Metaverse Holdings. Decentraland is an Ethereum-based 3D virtual platform, basically, a Metaverse where you can buy or sell lands/plots. Decentraland is a fully immersive virtual world powered by blockchain technology. This real estate metaverse lets you buy land and build various buildings upon it from houses to theatres, offices to museums, banks to shopping malls, grocery stores to sculptures, landscapes to towers, and anything at all. The platform is a real estate metaverse where players can not only build buildings but build a new community.


Dacoco is a decentralized autonomous organization. Switzerland is the headquarter of Dacoco. It has an experienced team of blockchain free-to-play game designers and developers. the team developed their pilot game, Alien Worlds, the first project to put DACs into competition with each other within a single economy. It is a DeFi Metaverse, a free-to-play game for all users. To start with a player has to create a WAX Cloud Wallet, log into the servers and start playing.

Dungeon Master

The game developers Dungeon Master are combining technologies of the metaverseblockchain ledgers, and decentralized networks into a unified platform. They are introducing revolutionary gaming technology bringing players, developers, and NFT traders together in one interactive gaming metaverse. The Dungeon Master has developed Wombat Dungeon Master blockchain game. It is gaining popularity and place in NFT staking gaming metaverse.

Dusk Breakers

The game developer Dusk Breakers is behind the game Duskbreakers. Technologically advanced people, “DuskBreakers,” P2E board the ship for missions to mine for elements that will progress humanity’s future. Duskbreakers: a Play-to-Mint (P2M) NFT Project

Dr. Disrespect

The Dr Disrespect is one the game developer of Project Moon. The famous YouTuber and social media influencer Dr. Disrespect is behind one of the most anticipated blockchain game projects, Project Moon. Project Moon has been a bit of a surprise for the community, as not much is known about it and there haven’t been any leaks. But here’s what we know so far. Tens of thousands of Dr. Disrespect gamers and supporters have been requesting and minting their “Variants” for months. These NFT avatars are what provide gamers their “Access Pass,” which then gives them access to Project Moon behind the scenes. Players have been eagerly waiting for information about the first game that will be created by the company since Midnight Society was launched last year, and some minor details are finally coming to light. Update: Disrespect, his studio Midnight Society and his new game, which now has an official name, DEADROP, after previously being called Project Moon



Ex Populus

Ex Populus is a video game development company. They aim to bring joy and entertainment to the masses of the world with their fun-filled and entertaining game. Ex Populus’s development team’s mission is to collaborate with other blockchain game developers and introduce their games to Web3. Ex Populus has joined hands with the famous former World Boxing Champion Mike Tyson to release a card game Iron Pigeons of 10,000 NFTs of pigeons in iron design.

Endless Clouds

Endless Clouds is a game development studio based in Singapore. Endless Clouds has just entered the metaverse world. Its development team is building Web3 based on blockchain NFT games. The dedicated team consists of experienced programmers, art designers, and game developers. They are fully capable of meeting the challenges of building Web3 games. Their game developing team is currently building a metaverse game Treeverse. It is an MMORPG built for mobile with social features.


Etherplay is a blockchain development studio. The studio is based in Dundee, Scotland. Eherplay operates on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The studio launched its first blockchain game in 2016, the same year when the studio stepped into the world of game development and then NFTs. Etherplay has created a space exploration NFT game Conquest.eth. The game is about conquering different planets.


The game developer Etherocs is behind the game called Etherorcs. Etherorcs is a play-to-earn on-chain NFT game in which allies go on raids, journeys, and more.

Evolution Land

The game developer Evolution Land developed the game title Evolution Land, the first MetaverseGameFi and Cross-chain crypto game.


Ethlas is based in Singapore. They are a free online gaming portal hosting a variety of games. It is a leading games portal with a unique mission of providing entertainment to the players across mobile and online platforms in over eight countries. Ethlas Metaverse is a play-and-earn Web3-based game. As soon as players connect their Metamask wallet to their website, Ethlas introduces classic, arcade-inspired games to them on the browser, such as Candy Crush, Tower Builders, and Tetris, with the objective of onboarding individuals into the cryptocurrency market.

Electric Visions

Kongregate is a massively successful game developing studio that has decided to enter the WEB3 mobile gaming world with the new title called “Blood Vessels”. A vampire themes NFT game where players can collect cool, horrific, and classic vampire NFT’s while participating in community interactions. Kongregate has partnered up with Immutable X to make near-zero gas fee transactions in an instant manner. Electric Visions is the new play to earn NFT game development subsidiary of Kongregate which is designing the game and the NFT vampires.



FYX Gaming

FYX Gaming uses the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain for game records and cash rewards for its players. It has created a unique experience with advantages for both players and game creatorsCrypto Fights is the flagship game of the studio. It is an RPG combat game where the players compete against friends and foes in a D&D-inspired fantasy world.


Faraway is the game developer of Mini Royale Nations. Mini Royale Nations is a new crypto multiplayer first-person shooter game that mixes the excitement of a battle royale game with the strategy of a three-dimensional strategy game

Foonie Magus

Foonie Magus is a Singapore-based blockchain game developer. The game development team is experienced and motivated and it is ready to shake up the blockchain gaming industry. The company’s goal is to fully integrate the metaverse and to make sure that the NFT’s the players produce in their games will b exchangeable and usable. The team is in constant touch with its users for their feedback. That helps them to bring about innovations and new ideas in developing the games. Foonie Magus flagship game is Aperion. It is an RPG-action NFT game. The game is full of excitement and thrill.

Fancy Dao

Fancy DAO is a mobile-based, Play-To-Earn (P2E), NFT arcade game platform. Its goal is to bring casual play-to-earn gaming to the world. It is a web3 gaming studio developer creating mobile apps for gamers around the world. Fancy Dao is player-centric, focusing on developing games intuitive, fun, and a shareable experience with others. Fancy Birds is its flagship game. Where the players can start breeding, earning, staking, customizing NFT assets, and participating in different tournaments and game modes.



Gallium Studios

The game developer Gallium Studios is behind the play to earn game Proxi. Proxi is all about making 3D imitations of your memories! Will Wright, the developer of world-renowned games like Sims, SimCity, and Spores has decided to enter the WEB3 gaming industry with a new title called the Proxi. The Proxi game is a play-to-earn, metaverse, building game developed by Gallium Studios.


Goals is a gaming studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The team of individuals who have founded the studio wants to revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry. The studio dedicates itself to developing blockchain games based on football. The game Goals is under the development project of the studio. It is a gameplay-first football game. It is NFT-based, free to play, cross-play, multiplayer-focused, and esports ready. Players can buy and sell the assets in the game.

Galaxy Fight Club

The game developer Galaxy Fight Club is behind the game Galaxy Fight Club. Galaxy Fight Club is a first-of-its-kind cross-IP PVP NFT game specifically made for the NFT Universe. In addition, the game is also cross-platform which makes it available on both mobile and PC. Each fighter in the game generates about 5-15 of in-game currency; $GCOIN.

Gala Games

Gala Games is one of the top developers and a big gun in the blockchain gaming industry. It is working on several blockbuster titles with 14 of them already out on the market. Their powerful blockchain ecosystem is run by more than 16.000 players in shape of nodes on home computers. Gala Games has more than 90 team members and a whopping 1.3 M monthly active users on its games. Moreover, it has sold more than 26K NFTs which includes a single record NFT sale of $3M. As for their gamesSpider Tanks is making rounds on the internet; an NFT tank battle game.


Gamee is the developer behind the platform Arc8. Gamee studio provides numerous opportunities to users by developing NFT-based crypto games and applications. Arc8 is a blockchain gaming platform developed by Gamee, where various mini-games are available to play. The arcade-style games are playable in 1v1 or tournament-style competitions to win GMEE tokens which is an ERC-20 coin.

Good Gaming, Inc.

Good Gaming Inc. is an incorporated, interactive entertainment company. It is the leader in bringing the evolution of traditional gaming to Web3-based blockchain NFT gamesMicroBuddies is a blockchain-based NFT game. Good Gaming Inc. developed this new fun NFT collection of around 2500 cute little colorful microbes. Each MicroBuddies NFT has a unique set of physical features and natural abilities.


Gunstar Labs is a game developer based in Singapore. Its team is creative and effective in releasing blockchain games. It has been aiming to provide the best service and quality game titles to the GameFi community. They are specialists in multiplayer online role-playing (RPG) and turn-based strategy NFT games that give their players the real value of enjoyment and excitement in gaming and the real value provided through the blockchain platform community. They are providing the best gaming experience & earning game products for Gamefi platformGunStar Metaverse is the flagship game of Gunstar Labs. It is a game for pet lovers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and battle-monger gamers.



Horizon Blockchain Games

Horizon Blockchain Games is a game development platform that is building Web3 applications, easy on Ethereum and other EVM chains. The development team consists of experienced and talented people who are driving Web3 adoption by making blockchain easy, fun, and powerful for game mongers. Skyweaver is the flagship game they have developed. It is an exciting blockchain-based online trading card game.

Hero Land

Hero Land is the gaming developer behind Heroes Land. It combines the addictive Match-3 puzzle and the typical antagonistic properties of RPG genre gameplay in the blockchain gaming industry. You first begin as a worker, you then gain rewards to buy NFT land, owing land allows you to become a Lord or an NFT hero.

Heroes Chained / Inventuna Games

Inventuna Games are the games developers of Heroes Chained. A real time fantasy action RPG game, where the player becomes a Guild Master and gathers heroes. Inventuna Games is an NFT gaming studio that emphasizes a lot on the team. Because, as they believe, great games are the product of great developer teams, so the team is always first



Immortal Games

Immortal Games are a talented team of crypto game developers, working on several projects right now. They have developed TCG/CCG game engines open to collaborating with brands and IPs. They believe that gaming is about to revolutionize with the true proprietorship of in-game assets. Their flagship game Dark Country is an all-American gothic game that allows players to create, manage and own NFT cards with complete transparency.

Imba Games Studio

Imba Games studio has developed an NFT, play-to-earn game Kawaii Island . The game uses Binance Smart Chain for transactions.


They are making digital worlds real. Immutable is advancing the world of NFTs through Immutable X, an industry-leading NFT minting and trading platform and Immutable Studios, an NFT game development studio. They are  working on building games that bring true digital ownership to the world, which includes their top two flagship games are Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.

Irreverent Labs

Irreverent Labs are reinventing how games are played, owned, and watched. They are doing this by merging artificial intelligence (AI), gameplay, and blockchain technologyMecha Fight Club is an interesting blockchain technology NFT game. Irreverent Labs has created this fun-filled game. Players can buy and sell NFT characters by using the Ethereum tokens.


Illuvium has developed its flagship game illuvium. The game is a fun-filled action treasure hunting game. It is the first truly AAA game on the Ethereum blockchain.




Joycity’s blockchain play-to-earn game Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict is a strategy military conquest game. In the game, players build, expand and upgrade their own army, airforce, and navy to fight against other players’ military might

Joyride Games

The game developer JoyRide Games blockchain game Tennis Champs is a competitive multiplayer game. It is a Web3 metaverse exciting new game. The game uses Ethereum for digital transactions.

Jam City

Jam City is a big player in the crypto gaming industry with a lot of success. Chris DeWolfe and Josh Yguado of 20th Century Fox are leading the power-packed gaming studio. Their blockchain gameChampions Ascension, is their first experiment in the uncharted lands of crypto gaming.



Kepithor Studios

Kepithor Studios develops and play to earn mobile games. The two games that the studio has developed are League of Kingdoms and The Kingdom of Carnage.

Kingdom Studios

The pilot Web3-based game of the Kingdom Studios is Defi Kingdoms. It is an exciting pixelated 8-bit style RPG world. It offers decentralized exchange, a liquidity pool, and utility-driven NFTs. The game is not a free-to-play game, players need investment before they even begin playing.



Lava Labs

Lava Labs is a team of highly talented and experienced gaming developers and veterans with a solid mantra in play to earn games. Their recent P2E game is Afar, a metaverse-based fun game with a lot of fun and adventures taking place in a far away distinct galaxy. Lava Labs is constantly working on Afar metaverse to further expand it and make it all the more fun for the gaming community.

Loop Games

Loop Games’ Pethereum is a pet-farming-styled blockchain game. It is a play-to-earn, simulation, card trading game. The game uses Ethereum blockchain technology for buying and selling NFTs.

Lucky Kat

Lucky Kat has developed its pilot game Panzerdogs. It is a fun tank brawler blockchain NFT game. The game has both PvE and PvP fighting modes.

Laguna games

Laguna Games has developed the game Crypto Unicorns. It is a role-playing farming game. The farms and the animals are NFTs that the players can own, trade, sell and invest in to build up assets.

Legendary Foundry Games

The game developers Legendary Foundry Games, is a AAA video game development studio. It focuses on revolutionizing the gaming experience for the Metaverse or Web3. Their pilot gameAscenders, is an open-world ARPG where players can complete action-packed quests, form player guilds, and trade materials in open markets to progress in the game.



Mighty Bear Games

Mighty Bear Games is a blockchain video game development studio. It is based in Singapore and it started its operations in 2016. The studio is developing and publishing multiplayer online video games for the masses since its inception. Mighty Bear Games has developed the game Mighty Action Heroes. It is a third-person real-time multiplayer Battle Royale NFT game.


Moniwar is the game developer of the game Moniwar. They bring a new experience of the NFT world reviving a dragon-hunting game with built-in blockchain technologyMoniwar is a play to earn NFT game running on multichain blockchain technologies.

Mirai Labs

Mirai Labs is a DeFiNFTsGameFi, and Web3 UX-based game developer. Mirai is boosting sustainable projects & creating partners through eco-friendly crypto-NFTs strategies. The lab is building and supporting initiatives that can help accelerate the creation, transition, and sustainability of Web3. Mirai Labs has developed the game Pegaxy. It is a Web3-based NFT game, which is currently in a 2D Version mode. It is in its first phase of development.


Mobland has a team of top industry experts with extensive experience in blockchain gaming. The team comprises experts from Disney, Ubisoft, Gameloft, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, EA, and Roblox. Roy Liu is the co-founder of the game previously associated with TRON, and PopCap Game. A nice thing to know; Yield Guild Games is partnering with MOBLAND to join the first-ever Mafia Metaverse.

Meta Soccer

MetaSoccer developer is dedicated to developing a soccer universe on the blockchain. They are the pioneers of the starting point of a new paradigm in the sports ecosystemMetaSoccer is part of a new generation of video games in which players can earn cryptocurrency for their contributions to the ecosystem.


Metaverse is an independent game development company. It is a relatively new game developer in the market. But it has an experienced game enthusiasts team of individuals. Industry veterans are leading this company. The team has worked for games like Far Cry, Destiny, Halo series, Warface, League of Legends, Diablo Immortal, Mount&Blade series, and Metro Exodus. Metaverse’s Angelic is a story game that combines turn-based tactical battles. It has unique and colorful warriors. The NFT items in the game are tradeable in marketplaces, and each has a real-world value.

Mythical Games

Mythical Games, is a next-generation game developer technology studio. Mythical Games consists of a team of veteran game and platform developers. They are passionate about bringing big innovative concepts to the gaming market. Mythical Games has announced its flagship game Blankos Block Party, a title that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to authenticate digital items. For now, the game is free-to-play which means, that the game requires no initial investment to play the game.


Mytheria is the first-of-its-kind play-to-earn and create-to-earn NFT game that presents a fierce and savage fantasy world. The flagship game of developers is Mytheria. It is the ultimate experience of the game based on mythology.

MetaKing Studios

MetaKing Studios is a P2E game development company.  It is based in Shanghai, China.  It started in 2022 as small but has now grown to over 100 people in 20 countries. BLOCKLORDS is the flagship game. It’s the world’s first MMO grand strategy game based on Seascape Web3.

MegaCryptoPolis / Supernovae

The game developer of MegaCryptoPolis, a decentralized city builder strategy game running in the form of a dApp on multiple blockchainsMegaCryptoPolis is a city-building game on the ERC-721 blockchain technology.

Moneta Today

Moneta Today is a cross-chain ecosystem game creator with game mechanics based entirely on a separate blockchain. Its games contain a variety of play-to-earn mechanics and a high-level investment component. The players can get an opportunity to become co-owner of the game and receive income from game commissions. Moneta Today company is developing a blockchain game Honeywood . In the game, the players can play by the same rules set initially. There is no way of breaking them even for the developer because blockchain tracks them.

MetaXSeed Games

MetaXSeed Games is a decentralized game developer based in London.  It focuses on the metaverse and play2earn genre.  The games studio also has plans to make the game development process scalable by introducing re-usable modular components, access to base 3D digital assets, development frameworks, integrations, and infrastructure solutions. Age of Dragons is their super fun game that brings something exceptional to the genre of zombies, dragons, and mythical medieval environments.

Magic of Universe

Magic of Universe is a blockchain games developer and publisher. It builds games based on the play-to-earn mode. The developer has a belief to develop a self-sustained ecosystem in the Metaverse that would serve people in the future for their prosperity. Magic of Universe is the game of the developer Magic of Universe. The game is an interesting blockchain NFT game that anyone can play easily and make money.

Moon Gaming

Moon Gaming is a blockchain game developer based in UAE. The developer team is an experienced and skilled team. A team of passionate gaming industry veterans, and seasoned blockchain technology experts. The popular Turkish TV series, Ertugural undergoes a spectacular transition. Moon Gaming has developed their masterpiece game, Medieval Empires: Ertugrul . The origin of the Ottoman Empire is now playable in an NFT play-to-earn game.  A medieval-based real story of the real Turkic king Ertugrul has caused fan-frenzy around the world.



NPLUS Entertainment

NPLUS Entertainment video game developer based in Singapore. It came into being in 2020.  The company app portfolio contains two NFT games based on the strategy category. League of Kingdom is developed by Nplus Entertainment.

Nifty Football

Nifty Football  is the game developer of nifty-football. A fun and exciting blockchain game powered by the Flow Blockchain with amazing NFT’s.


N3twork Studios is a recent addition to the blockchain game developersworld. The developer is based in San Francisco, USA. The newly formed studio aims to create ultimate gaming experiences in the MetaverseLegendary: Heroes Unchained is a flagship game of the studio N3TWORK. It is a crypto-native title and a play-and-earn RPG based on Legendary: Game of Heroes intellectual property.


Netvrk is a multichain metaverse on Web3. It is based on Unreal Engine with tools that allow its It users to monetize their content.  The creation tools used are powerful enough that one can easily develop, share and monetize NFTs. Netvrk has launched its blockchain NFT-based game Jungle Freaks Motor Club. It is an exciting new addition to the motor racing games in the Metaverse.

Nyan Hereos

The Nyan Heroes game development team is composed of 50+ talented and experienced game builders. They are launching crypto-native projects, and designing AAA game titles from Ubisoft, EA, and Riot in the metaverse. Nyan Heroes has brought cats as warriors in their sci-fi inter-galactic blockchainNFT battle game Nyan Heroes.

Ninja Syndicate

Ninja Syndicate is Web3 game developmentcrypto native, and software engineering studio. The studio is based in Perth, Australia. Five years ago, they started their business as a software development house. Now the company has started to develop Web3-based blockchain games. The studio has launched its first blockchain game Supremacy in the Metaverse. It is a play-to-earn game.




OogaVerse are the game developers of MekaApes. An NFT game, a highly advanced ape species that has spent thousands of years traveling across space.

Olive X

Olive X has developed a unique game based on human fitness, Dustland Runner. In the game, players have to work out to earn points and complete the assigned tasks.

One Soft

One Soft is developing amazing games since the company started its operations. Metagear is a (P2Eplay-to-earn, an entertaining game of car collision. Rocket Studio, a subsidiary of Onesoft has developed the world’s first pixel-based blockchain combat game. The vehicles used in the game are NFT’s.

One World Nation

One World Nation is the crypto ecosystem that is pushing the crypto space forward. Players can play play-to-earn games around crypto markets, earn rewards & learn more about metaverse during this process. They are developing games based on blockchain and NFTOne World Nation has developed the One World Nation where players can build NFT’s from the crypto coins they own and play different games linked to the cryptocurrencies.


Oni Mansion game is the first blockchain that Oni Squad has developed. In the game, players design and build their own houses. The players can mint their own NFTs. The game is built on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain.



Pixion Games

Pixion Games is the game developer behind the blockchain game Fableborne. Building Play-to-Own For Everyone. Fableborne is an action role-playing game genre promising top experience in strategic base building. The game’s biggest feature is that it doesn’t waste players’ time but instead ensures that they have an engaging experience and return for harder challenges.

Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is a new metaverse with NFT’s and a Play-and-Own gaming experience. A new WEB3 game built on the Polygon blockchain developed by veteran game developers formerly associated with LucasArts, Activision, and EA. Mystic Moose is the game development studio that has made an alliance with Concept Art House to develop cool, 3D NFTs for the game and its metaverse.

Planet Quest

PlanetQuest is currently being developed by a diverse and talented team of people who have previously worked in Hollywood, games, AI, procedural generation and much more. These people have come together to channel their creativity into the cinematic universe, exciting gameplay, and impressive procedurally generated NFT’s that define PlanetQuest. In the P2E game PlanetQuest, users take control of their own planets and can evolve and improve them to raise their worth

Pocket Worlds

Pocket Worlds Highrise is a digital world that began as a simple social game in 2014. It has grown to over a million monthly players and is one of the largest digital metaverse.


Nine Chronicles is a fantasy MMORPG game based on blockchain technology. Planetarium Labs is the developer of this exciting game.


The game developers of Prizefighter. It is a crypto boxing experience that is developed on the fight-to-earn and move-to-earn models of NFT games.


Sandbox is the flagship blockchain game of Pixowl Inc. which is one of the most anticipated blockchain games in the metaverse.

Playful Studios

Playful Studio’s blockchain-based game Wildcard is the first installment in the Wildcard Alliance game series on the WEB3. The inspiration behind the game is storytelling. It is a great entertaining and fun-filled game for the game mongers.

Polygon Studios

Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building and connecting Secured Chains like Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium, etc, and Standalone Chains like Polygon POS, designed for flexibility and independence. The game developers of 9Tales.

Pixalcraft Studio

Pixelcraft Studios developed The Gotchiverse is a virtual world where your Aavegotchi NFT can meet up, socialize, play games & farm for tokens!

Pixel Matic

Pixelmatic is a crypto game development studio based in Shanghai, China. The game developers from game-producing big guns like Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and Relic veterans established the studio. Infinite Fleet is a new AAA game on the Liquid Network blockchain. Liquid Network is actually a sidechain of Bitcoin. The play-to-earn game is an MMORPG or as it is being called MMORTS.

PlayDay Studio

Playday Studios are the game developers of Solitaire: Earn Real Bitcoin. Solitaire is a classic game of cards that people have been playing for a long time to earn real bitcoin. Train Your Brain, Get Rewards, redeem bling points for crypto.



Quicksave Games

Quicksave develops video games and it is based in Finland. The development team has a vibrant experience. The team is all about quality, experience, and creativity for web2/web3 games. Quicksave game Tezotopia is a yield farming fun NFT game. In the game, players can own NFT lands called Tezotops.



Raid Party

The game developers of Raid Party, a blockchain technology play to earn game of adventure where the players are the heroes.

Riot Racers

The game developers of Riot Racers. A new NFT game in the racing standards of the Polygon blockchain technology games.

Rivet Games

CryptoBlades is the flagship game of Rivet Games. It is an NFT game where the players roleplay as powerful sword-wielders and earn money while doing it.

Red Door Digital

Red Door Digital developed the game Reign of Terror. It is a mixed reality simulation, a play-to-earn MMO game built on the Solana blockchain technology.



Space Misfits

The game developers of P2E Space Misfits. A blockchain-based MMORPG game that places a strong emphasis on player ownership.

Spera Soft

SperaSoft develops Star Atlas which is a blockchainNFTplay-to-earn game. It is gaining popularity as time is progressing.


Sorare has a Paris-based team that brings a blockchain game where players can win, collect, and play digital NFT cards. These NFT cards are officially licensed by top football and baseball players. Moreover, the team uses the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20 token. Players can use this token to trade or stake Sorare NFT’s.

Studio ls

Stepico Games

The game of Stepico Games is Guild of Guardians is one of the most anticipated blockchain games. It is the very first in AAA blockchain-based games. The game will set a benchmark for games based on blockchain technology.


The team of game developers has made Splinterlands a first-of-a-kind strategy card game with a flawlessly integrated marketplace. Besides, the team made sure that players have complete control and ownership of their cards. The team uses the most advanced, robust, and innovative Play to Earn ecosystem that exists.

Supremacy Games

Apex Kings NFT Racing is an exemplary game that the Supremacy Games has produced. It is much more than what game mongers want. The game has a limited number of cars and according to the developers, they match the real-world number of productions.

Skrice Studios

Skrice Studio’s Heroes of Mavia is a solid addition to AAA blockchain-based builder games.


Solana are the game developers of DeFi Land. Having hands-on experience in the crypto world, they have also explored the P2E gaming world.

Sky Mavis

Sky Maivi’s flagship gameAxie Infinity, is getting more popular day by day among game lovers. Incentive-designed Axie Infinity has transcended traditional games and evolved into a complex digital nation.


Supernovae is an NFT game developer. In 2018 the studio started its operations. Supernovae is a studio where talent, passion, and experience have joined hands to create innovative gaming experiences. Farsite is a multiplayer blockchain game. It is based on decentralized finance economics. The game allows players to build a base on a planet, from which they may begin their search for rare elements (NFTs). Their other hit game is MegaCrytoPolis a city-building DeFi game based on blockchain technology. Initially, it was a 2D game but now it has transformed into a 3D interface.

Skymarch Entertainment

Skymarch game is Zeal, which is a blockchain game in the development phase. Therefore, there isn’t much information going around about the game because it is in testing. But it is for sure that this game is competitive and will have a more AAA feel to it compared to the other crypto games currently.


Their flagship blockchain game first-person shooting game is Shrapnel. The weapons used in the game are NFTs.

Screen Shot Labs

Screenshot Labs is creating a new universe in the metaverse called Everai. The lab has already launched its first game successfully, Game of Blocks.



Tiny Digital Factory

The Tiny Digital Factory game has developed its game Infinite Drive. It is based on the Solana blockchain network.

Tope Box

Tope Box is the brains behind some NFT hits like Pocket Army, Sky Dancer; Vietnamese indie game studio Tope Box raises $1m for new blockchain game.

Touch Hour

9Lives Arena is an elegantly-designed scenic game from Touch Hour. It is a flagship game of Touchhour Inc. In the game, players are able to create their own NFT fighters that engage in battles to level up.

The Football Club

The flagship game of the studio is The Football Club. It is a play-to-earn NFT metaverse game. The game has teams that are based on real-world teams and players.

Team3D (VIDYA)

Aimbots is the latest project of Vidya Games in the world of blockchain gaming and WEB3. It is a super fun, fast game that tests the nerves of the players.

The Harvest Game

The Harvest is the first MOBA Shooter on the blockchain game.  It is a high-end shooter game that incorporates MOBA mechanics and pits four teams against each other. By incorporating blockchain technology, The Harvest enables players to have true ownership over in-game items, virtual land, and more.

The Red Village

The game developers of The Red Village is BlowFish studios. The Red Village is a success story in blockchain gaming.  The Red Village is a dark-fantasy, medieval role-playing video game experience that draws on the innovative nature of web3 technology. The Red Village game is currently under development by Blowfish Studios (owned by Animoca Brands).

Trailblazer Games

Trailblazer Games has developed their pilot blockchain game Eternal Dragons. This interesting game is based on NFT technology.



Utopian Game labs

The game studio Utopian Game Labs has built its flagship blockchain game Time Raiders. It is an NFT loot-and-shoot play-to-earn game.

Unstoppable Games

Influence is a blockchain game that the studio Unstoppable Games has developed. The game provides players with complete control over their content.

Upland Development United

Upland is a play-to-earn blockchain game. UDU, Upland Development United, developed this game like the board game Monopoly. The players invest in digital land properties which are NFT’s and then they put them up for sale and rent.

Uncaged Studios

Uncaged Studios has developed its pilot NFT game Monkey League. It is a simple to play yet challenging game. Its fast-paced, turn-based soccer game makes it more interesting for the players.




The developer vEmpire DDAO, is developing a new, fairer system of DAO that rewards honor and loyalty to the DDAO in more or equal measure to monetary contributions. The game is vEmpire: The Beginning. vEmpire: The Beginning is the pioneer game project of vEmpire in the metaverse world. The Beginning is a DDAO, play-to-earn, two-player, trading-card, strategy game.



We Made

WeMade Entertainment has developed numerous online PC and mobile-based games for video game lovers since its creation. The company is a specialist Android game developer. In the Google rankings, its apps appear in the top 100 in more than 5 countries. The most popular app is MIR4. It is one of the most popular apps in the Android ecosystem. It is a top-ranked game in many countries and has over 5 million installs.

Widow Games

Widow Games has created Geopoly. It is a geolocation economic simulator that allows players to play the role of a real estate global investor. In the game, players can buy, sell, and also rent some of the world’s most renowned landmarks.

We Can

We Can is the game developer of Prospectors. Designed on the 19th-century outlook of the great gold rush of America, Prospectors is all about scavenging for gold and trading it for real cash.

WAX Blockchain

Blockchain Brawlers is a flagship game of WAX Studios. The players can buy the NFT wrestlers. They can equip wrestlers with equipment from the World Assets eXchange (WAX) with $BRWL to fight against other wrestlers.

World of Defish

The flagship game of the World of Defish is World of Defish. It is a fun-filled game, based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology.

Wonder Hero

Wonder Hero is a turn-based P2E game of strategy made for mobile platforms. Designed like anime characters, the game offers vivid, colorful, and attractive art. The game is built on the Polygon blockchain technology following the storyline of an apocalyptic future on earth.

Wagyu Games

Wagyu Games flagship game is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Undead Blocks. Empowering gamers to play and own. Wagyu Games is leading the charge on Kill-To-Earn Gaming. The Wagyu Games flagship product is set in the post-apocalyptic world of UndeadBlocks. Their Kill to Earn, blockchain game is Undead Blocks


Wildlife Studio is a Brazilian blockchain gaming studio, that came into being in 2011. Its headquarter is in Sao Paulo and other international offices are located in five countries. Castle Crush is a fun play to earn game where using a deck of NFT cards, players engage in 1v1 real-time fights to destroy the castle of their rival. There are no draws; games last between one and three minutes and end with the obliteration of a player’s castle.




X-Metaverse is a Star Wars-like game on WEB3, built on the Binance Smart Chain technology. Players can use their huge spaceships to mine, breed, hunt, explore, battle out, trade, and synthesize in the X-Metaverse universeX-Metaverse is a blockchain game developed by 3D and can run on Android, iOS and PC. All game content items and characters are based on blockchain tokens and NFTs.

Xaya Tech / Autonomous Worlds

Autonomous Worlds, the company behind the Xaya blockchain gaming platform, has signed a strategic partnership with Polygon to bring decentralized gaming infrastructure to Polygon’s Ethereum sidechain. Autonomous Worlds will develop games in-house for the Polygon platform, adding to its existing selection of premier blockchain games such as Taurion and Soccer Manager Elite.





Zed Run /Virtually Human Studio

Zed Run is a virtual horse-racing play to earn game on the Matic Polygon developed by VHS lab. Zed Run is a horse racing game that has massive earning potential and many players have already made decent earnings through its tournaments and leaderboards.


What are play to earn games (P2E games)? Play to earn gamesNFT Games are online games that let players earn rewards with real-world value by completing tasks, battling other players and progressing through various game levels. These rewards come in the form of in-game assets like crypto tokens, virtual land, as well as skins, weapons and other NFT’s.

Play-to-earn gaming should start with research. Take some time to learn about the types of play-earn-games and which ones seem fun to you. You may want to start with a game that is free to play, just to get the hang of it.

If you decide to invest in a game or games, make sure you understand how the game works and how you can earn money. Then, you’ll need to create a crypto wallet, buy cryptocurrency, and eventually buy NFTs. For more tips, read our game reviews and check the game developer on how to get started with play to earn games. Browse our games website or check our game developer list to learn more about current and upcoming P2E games.

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Play to earn gamesPlay-to-earn games, or P2E games or blockchain gamescrypto games, web3 gamesNFT games are online games that let players earn rewards with real-world value by completing tasks, battling other players and progressing through various gaming levels. These rewards come in the form of in-game assets like crypto tokens, virtual land, as well as skins, weapons and other NFTs.

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