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Atomic Heart Gameplay Review

What’s up fellow gamers, a couple of years ago a game called atomic heart was announced, an action RPG. A game, developed by Russian developers Mundfish, takes place in USSR and an open-world game. It is what I believe is the most unique open-world games that I have seen in years.

Like Bio Shock, this game also takes place in an alternate reality; a reality placed between the 1930s and the 1960s. However, you can see technology has progressed a lot further when compared to actual reality e.g. Holograms, robots, and the internet. In this game, you play for mother Russia as a KGB agent who is tasked to investigate a manufacturing facility. There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind; in this game, you are mentally unstable and secondly, the weapons are make-shift.

Recently, there has been gameplay footage that has re-ignited our interests, the footage shows a little bit of exploration around the facility and then you fight some robots, android, and a monster that will surely haunt me in my dream.

Atomic Heart Gameplay Review - Gaming News

Atomic Heart Gameplay ReviewGaming News

The melee combat in this game looks amazing, if we talk about Bio-Shock combat or Dishonored you only wanted to use melee when you sneak up on your enemy. The developers in an interview said that they were inspired by Dark Souls with this game so there is a lot of side dodging, and attacking.

Now let’s talk about its release, I am personally much more excited to play on PS5 or Xbox Series X. The devs have also reiterated that due to the fast SSD there would be no load times.

If you ask me, this is a game that if it delivers on the things it is attempting to deliver on it will become a trendsetter for the next generation. The use of technology in this game like RTX, Ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS is incredibly impressive and makes Atomic Heart a big gun.



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