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Gods Unchained Game

Gods Unchained (GODS) is a blockchain-based, free-to-play competitive trading card game that rewards you for playing. However, players must strategically outsmart opponents by building powerful decks and using combat tactics. Game developed by Immutable.

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play online trading card game by Immutable that offers true ownership of in-game items to its players. Additionally, the game has a gripping setting of mortals and Gods’ mythical folklores with ongoing thrilling expansion packs and seasons.

Moreover, the game offers opportunities to play and earn, build, and trade, with complete ownership of in-game NFTs and $GODS token.

The game offers PVP combat gameplay where players compete with each other after building a powerful deck of cards. The exciting part is that the trading cards within the ecosystem of the God Unchained game act as NFTs providing true and complete ownership of each and every card to the players.

Consequently, players can trade and sell these cards in a secondary market that is powered by the game’s token; $GODS. The NFTs featured in Gods Unchained are immutable meaning that once a card is created its traits cannot change.

Finally, to be more precise, a card’s status and power may not change or decrease in the future. Besides, the PVP mode let players challenge each other and pit themselves against opponents to win more cards. This way, the skilled players make real money out of the game by winning more cards and selling them for $GODS.

Try it today. You will have fun.

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