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Duskbreakers Game

Gaming, comics, NFTs, and animation combine to create the interactive worldbuilding experience known as Duskbreakers. You will take the space elevator to the Dusk, a large alien spaceship loaded with technology that will change the world. Your Breaker will help explore the ship as you command, mining for rare minerals that the Dusk offers and battling off enigmatic alien species that live there.

You can enter the sweepstakes just by playing the game. Then, the development team will post your top score to their global leaderboard, which will serve as the official benchmark for those qualified to mint. Moreover, the leading players on the global leaderboard will get access to the mint with certainty. The remaining players are chosen randomly. Thus, will enter the sweepstakes according to their likelihood of winning.

DuskBreakers Promises Lower Gas Fees

Anyone who has finished an NFT mint has probably experienced difficulties due to high gas fees. Even without certainty of a successful mint, the most hyped projects have the potential to start gas wars. That is with prices occasionally increasing to multiple ETH. Even if people profit from or even favor projects that encourage gas wars, the team thinks otherwise. The idea is that since gaming is centered around the community, attempts to lower gas prices will make projects more democratic and fair to engage in overall.

The developers will add winners’ wallets to their whitelists, allowing players to mint their NFTs at a lower cost overall. Moreover, some lucky players with good skill sets can also be randomly put on the whitelist, they will also be notified.

Unique characters

The game will allow you to customize your NFT as you wish. Players will be given a somewhat similar canvas in the beginning, but as you collect rewards you can become as unique as you would like to.

DuskBreakers Official Preview