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Age of Dragons Game

Age of Dragons brings something exceptional to the genre of zombies, dragons, and mythical medieval environments. There are several lands in this medieval metaverse each cursed and run by different creatures. So, get ready to experience the fun, thrill, and fear along with earning real money.

There are 7 different types of dragons and they are element based. Each dragon has a specific role and two abilities each.

  • Ice Element: The resistant DPS
  • Plant Element: Jack of all trades
  • Electric Element: The Range DPS
  • Water Element: The damage reliever
  • Earth Element: The Tank
  • Fire Element: The physical DPS
  • Air Element: The main Healer

Upgrades and rewards in Age of Dragons

The game relies a lot on how much you play it and with what dragon. So, as you gain experience you get to upgrade your dragon and unlock more special abilities. Moreover, you can breed for rarer eggs and will have a better edge in battle. By breeding more experienced dragons you can obtain stronger offspring.

Another crucial material you need to breed dragons is ember. It is a necessary resource to increase the rarity of dragons. The common ember for the common egg and the uncommon ember for an uncommon egg must be obtained in order to obtain the rarer eggs. Moreover, to obtain the rarer ones later, you must merge them.

The last resource you can get is obsidian. You can obtain CYT by using it in the alchemy of the cave. Up to 1000 Obsidians must be obtained by players in order to get paid. Five missions must be successfully completed each day in order to obtain this.

Age of Dragons Game Modes

If you ever decide to start playing the game, this is where all the action and earning will take place. The game has three different difficulty levels. Moreover, there are three rounds of 5v5 combat throughout these encounters. Each mode is fairly similar and easy to play. Only one character can be chosen at a time.

History Missions

The only option that offers a large amount of experience is history missions, which are a little more difficult than the other modes. Also, the game now features 12 missions with varying degrees of difficulty. These tasks are quite helpful for raising breeding levels for your dragons.


Players can acquire numerous in-game items, like potions, Embers, and obsidian, in the second PVE mode. Additionally, they will receive 200 Obsidian, an ember, and sometimes an item part after finishing a mission.


In this mode, you will battle against corrupted dragons. Therefore, you need a special dragon to play in this mode.

Age of Dragons Game Footage