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K-pop Hugely Popular Group Blackpink Crossover in PUBG.

One of the most popular Korean pop groups Blackpink is coming to PUBG with its very own crossover event. Blackpink is a K-pop girl music group and is hugely popular on YouTube with views crossing the 1bn mark.

Blackpink is coming to PUBG

Blackpink is coming to PUBG

Moreover, it is also the most subscribed music band on the platform. Now this massively popular group is making its way to the astronomically popular game PUBG. Both fan favorites are at last joining hands to provide for once in a lifetime experience.

This massive crossover event between PUBG and Blackpink will start from 18th August and last till 7th September. Players will join and become part of “special in-game event missions” to earn points to get their hands on Black-pink themed items. These items will also include a rare level three helmet as well as popular contraband coupons.

Furthermore, there are several other items available for players after purchase; a total of 35 items are up for sale. These purchasable goodies will stay with players until the end of this year. Moreover, fan-favorite cosmetic bundles are also available for each player of the team like themed hair, weapons, emote, outfits, and a nameplate.

So the Black-pink crossover means that you will run into Blackpink themed graffiti and decals throughout PUBG maps. Moreover, the supply crates will also get a pink makeover with pink smokes rising high.

There are several fun items, however, the announcement said, “Black-pink face items are not included.”

Blackpink is coming to PUBG

Blackpink is coming to PUBG

The combination of Black-pink and PUBG seems odd, but both these mega groups are based in South Korea. So both joining hands for a mega-event makes sense. However, this event won’t include any virtual music concerts or performances from the group.

But the good news is that you will encounter and enjoy some amazing Blackpink content in the game. Stay tuned for more.

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