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Exciting Game Modes for COD Warzone!

Call of Duty: Warzone fans are in luck as two new game modes are being added to Season 5 Reloaded.

This will provide players with two benefits, first, they will experience a welcoming change in the shape of new modes.

Two New and Exciting Game Modes for COD Warzone - Gaming News

Two New and Exciting Game Modes for COD WarzoneGaming News

Second, the time will fly soon and season six will be up in no time. One of the game modes will hit the game on September 9th and the other one will come later. So, there is plenty to play besides the routine battle royal mode.

Let’s talk about the modes, the first mode is a variant of the Warzone Rumble playlist; a 50 vs 50 deathmatch game.

This game mode will guarantee intense face-offs with a lot of enemies to kill. A lot will be going on in this game mode, it will take place in several locations like Boneyard, Downtown, and Factory among the rest.

Clash game mode will go live with the mid-season update. Moreover, this game mode will also have loadouts, cash, and armor. Buy stations and vehicles will also appear on the map to keep yourself ahead. “Game-changing” special powerups will also be up for grabs after killing the enemies.

For players who are more into battle royale-type gameplay and want to get out of all the hustle and bustle, Iron Trials ’84 is the mode for them. This mode will feature health regeneration and a lot more base health.

There won’t be any free loadouts, and if you need to buy one, buy stations will sell it but not at the best price. Moreover, the Gulag in this game mode won’t include shotguns, akimbo weapons, and tactical equipment.

Two New and Exciting Game Modes for COD Warzone - Video Gaming News

Two New and Exciting Game Modes for COD Warzone- Video Gaming News

However, the Gulag survivors will get back to the map with their Gulag weapons.

Both these game modes are different from one another when it comes to the pace of the game and the gameplay itself. So a lot of content is heading towards COD Warzone players which will keep them busy until the next season arrives.

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