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Supremacy is under development for the past year by the Ninja Syndicate developers. It is a play to earn metaverse where different games in battlefield mode are given. Additionally, the game website broadcasts the battle arena matches in real-time. The players can either participate or just watch the ongoing battle. Supremacy has teamed up with Twitch to make the viewership possible. Consequently, players can own their very own NFT mechs and earn SUPS tokens in return.

Supremacy Gameplay:

In Supremacy, in order to participate in the game, players must acquire Mech NFTs each unique with its own chassis number and identity. The Mechs can be modified based on the CPU cores, accessories, pilots, and weapons. The game has three modes – multiplayer Battle Arena, Enrichment Center, and Syndicate Headquarters (SHQ). In the Battle Arena mode, everyone can earn SUPS tokens based on the tasks and missions completed. The Mech owners can also engage in battle against AI war machines to increase their ranks and win SUPS.

Moreover, viewers can also participate here by voting for their favorite Mecha and they decide who has won. In the Enrichment Center mode, the players have to complete various contracts to earn SUPS tokens. The contracts include little tasks like answering surveys, playing memory games, and other such mini-games. Moreover, the Syndicate Headquarters is a resource management game mode. Each headquarter requires metal and energy resources along with some minor resources necessary to build Mechs NFT war machines.


$SUPS is the governance and in-game token of Supremacy. Players can earn the token via participating in the Battle Arena mode or the Enrichment Center mode. Moreover, $SUPS can be traded in the marketplace of the game and other decentralized exchanges. All transactions in the Supremacy metaverse need $SUPS tokens like the purchase of NFT war machines and upgrading the mech-tech.

Supremacy Battle Arena: How to Play