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Thats No Moon: New AAA Game Studio Launched By Veterans Of Last of Us, Naughty Dog, Uncharted, PlayStation.

Some of the most significant gaming industry veterans have joined hands to launch a new gaming studio; Thats No Moon.

Thats No Moon, A New AAA Game Studio Launched By Gaming Veterans

Thats No Moon, A New AAA Game Studio Launched By Gaming Veterans

These veteran developers hail from various companies including Naughty Dog and Infinity Ward. On Wednesday, these veterans came forward and announced the creation of That’s No Moon, an independent game development studio.

The studio is set to focus on the action-adventure genre and single-player games. There’s no surprise in it as the studio’s team consists of developers who have worked on Last of Us and Uncharted. Besides the veteran team, the studio is partnering up with Smilegate, the studio famous for its multiplayer game Crossfire.

In a recent interview with Polygon, That’s No Moon’s CEO Michael Mumbauer said that he is well aware that the trend nowadays in gaming is more towards multiplayer but he is still positive about the potential and room for single-player games.

He said, “A lot of emphasis of late has been on massive, multiplayer games as a service, and for us, that’s not the direction that we want our careers and our desires as storytellers to go.

[…] We’re big proponents of the genre of single-player, narrative-driven experiences. It’s something we feel passionate about. […] And frankly it seems like there’s still a lot of healthy appetite for these experiences.

The sales figures don’t seem to be going down on those in this genre. So it was just a great time for us.”

That’s No Moon will exclusively work and focus on “single-player narrative-driven action-adventure story-telling”. Keeping in view the aim, the studio is building its team with similar talent and skill.

Thats No Moon, A New AAA Game Studio Launched By Gaming Veterans

Thats No Moon, A New AAA Game Studio Launched By Gaming Veterans

The studio looks promising however there isn’t any news on the studio’s first release. Moreover, there aren’t any details about the studio’s first project either.

Stay with us for more updates on That’s No Moon.

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