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Hit or Miss: Netflix’s Plan to Enter Mobile Video Games Industry.

The video streaming juggernaut Netflix plans to make it big and penetrate the mobile video gaming industry. However, the question here is if Netflix can pull it off?

There are promising signs along with some points to ponder on. Netflix is ready to roll but will the integration of the video streaming sector and mobile gaming yield results? Let’s discuss Netflix’s case.

Netflix is a video streaming giant and could enjoy the same massive success in mobile video gaming. One of the biggest reasons lies in the depth of Netflix’s consumer base. And releasing mobile video games to their thousands of subscribers can yield instant desired results.

Netflix is already working on the strategy and plans not to charge any additional cost to their paying subscribers. The strategy can result in immediate reach to more than 209 million consumers without spending anything on marketing.

Another promising point is the massive crossover potential Netflix has. But the company hasn’t been quite successful in capitalizing on this potential as of yet.

A crossover that Netflix can build upon is the online slots with Narcos slot game or the Squid Game slot game as an example.

However, there is also a downside to Netflix’s strategy of going all-in in mobile gaming. There isn’t any doubt about the consumer depth of the company but not everyone would want to play mobile games.

People head to Netflix to unwind, relax, and chill rather than engaging in brain-draining mobile games.

Another reason which could lead to a huge challenge is the already well-settled big guns in the mobile gaming niche. Netflix could face massive competition in the mobile gaming industry and could end up just another small company among the big guns.

Whatever the case may be, Netflix is already pursuing its goal and has acquired Night School Studio among some other deals.


Reinout te Brake

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