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Mixer Live Streaming is dead. Yes, you are reading this well!

Could you imagine that thousands and thousands of people finding out that they lost their job over a single tweet? Ladies and gentlemen, this was a low move by Mixer, unbelievable! Let’s talk about the shut down of Mixer.

Mixer live streaming is dead, and here is why

Mixer live streaming is dead, and here is why

Mixer Live Streaming

Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and partnering with Facebook Gaming. Anybody in the business knew this was coming, this isn’t a shock. Mixer failed to make much headway since its beginning and people didn’t take it seriously. If we compare the streamers who migrated from Twitch to Mixer and YouTube, you can notice a stark difference. Streamers at YouTube are crushing it and every streamer that moved to Mixer lost the majority of their audience.

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This was long due, the failure of Mixer live streaming has a bunch of reasons at its back. It was not that Mixer was technologically behind or flawed, it got hold of some of the great streamers, had good technology but the whole enterprise failed anyway. One of the biggest reasons, I believe, which took down Mixer was that its live-streaming platform was just a small community. Microsoft tried hard to market Mixer as a technologically superior platform than Twitch but failed to showcase its community.

Microsoft also failed to understand that a platform can only be successful and flourish on organic audience building, an ecological system. They tried to buy the audience by bringing in Tyler Ninja onto Mixer by offering him millions of dollars and that very moment Microsoft decided that building the audience organically is too hard for them and threw in the towel.

Microsoft has a rich history of halfway doing things and then shutting them down. They gave up on Groove Music and partner with Spotify and a bajillion other things like Zoon, the windows phone, and what not. Mixer was the only platform of the four big players that had nothing unique, you can say that they were a MUCH smaller Twitch.

The only reason people streamed on Mixer was that they believed that it was easier to grow as there were fewer streamers on it.

Facebook gaming has Facebook integration; a built-in audience. Twitch is the largest gaming platform in terms of streaming. YouTube has the advantage of its massiveness, infrastructure, a built-in audience, and a robust algorithm. Mixer has none of these things. They failed to provide a better experience to the audience as well as streamers.

Sad state of affairs, but everybody saw it coming.


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