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Contact Reinout te Brake

To contact Reinout te Brake, please leave your name, email address and a message behind and we will follow up shortly.

    Connect With Me

    Leave us a message if you are interested to get to know more about the games consultancy services for the gaming industry. Also tips, scoops and other interesting information can be left in the contact form.

    Gaming News

    On this site we present to you the gaming industry. The latest video gaming news on NFT, Play to Earn, Blockchain, Metaverse but also mobile games, console games and PC games. No matter if you like the Xbox, Playstation or download games, if you are in favor for mobile games for Android store or iOS Apple store, interested in Steam, Youtube gaming, Facebook Gaming or interesting game reviews, preview of new game releases or interesting research and reports. Anything that is interesting and what YOU should know, you will read here the latest video game news.

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    About Reinout te Brake

    I am a fully dedicated video game consultant. My focus is to incorporate solutions to trending issues that video gaming developers face in today’s world.

    Next to that I am hands on with business development , fundraising, M&A and user acquisition, basicly everything that game studios have to deal with on a 24/7 basis.

    My in-depth analysis and research on new games, products, services and innovations distinguishes me from every other video gaming consultancy teams.

    I see myself as solution provider to these lingering issues and assist with important topics like corporate strategy, but also assist with scalability of your game portfolio and engagement of your gamer community.

    About Reinout