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Clashdome originally consisted of a few basic games where players could pay an entry fee in WAX for the opportunity to rank high on the leaderboard and win rewards. Since then, it has expanded significantly, added citizen avatars, and built a stronger play to earn economy with LUDIO tokens.

For those that possess Citizens, Clashdome now provides an improved experience while still featuring free-to-play games and opportunities to win LUDIO tokens. This entails a more flexible avatar and residence, as well as higher earning potential.


Today, Clashdome offers five mobile-friendly games, each with the ability to play to earn. In addition to Rug Pool, a time-based pool competition, there is Endless Siege, a tower defense game, Candy Fiesta, a match-3 game with a candy theme, Templok, a block-fitting puzzle game, and Ringy Dingy. These games are all played in a dueling method.

Matchmaking match players with a similar skill level as the game begins. Everyone starts on an even playing field because both players are using the same random seed for the same game. The player with the highest score at the conclusion of both games receives LUDIO tokens.

Being a Citizen on Clashdome

Although playing Clashdome is free, having Citizens increases your earning potential. Players can purchase an already formed Citizen or customize their own using an Amnio tank. Gamers can modify their apartments to produce the in-game currency Carbz and Jigowatts by earning Ludio through playing games.

Jigowatts help players to create mining equipment and additional area slots for their apartments, to power their holo-pigs and vending machines, and to view replays from other players (though watching replays of your own matches are free). The energy drink for Clashdome is called Carbz. To recover stamina so they can use the treadmill and take Ludio from the Holo-Piggy, citizens drink Carbz. Additionally, apartment slots can be increased and the player profile can be customized with carbz.

Players use Energy and Battery power to collect their earned prizes from their Holo-bank. Citizens have the ability to buy treadmills and vending machines that, when put in an apartment, generate Jigowatts and Carbz. These tokens can be sold on secondary token marketplaces or utilized in-game. Additionally, players can equip Citizens with unique NFTs that offer in-game benefits like longer-aiming pool cues.

Every week, players are automatically put into a competition with scores based on their win percentages throughout all the games they participated in that week, with a preference for the games they played more frequently. Players can receive multipliers for their LUDIO profits during the competition. This multiplier is determined by the player’s current rank, which encourages consistent participation. The top players overall win special NFTs for apartment decorating at the end of the week.

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