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A top collaboration is happening right now between Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games. Both entertainment juggernauts have joined hands on two unannounced projects where one is surely a AAA title and the other one is on a smaller scale.

Remedy Entertainment Will Rock it With Epic Games

Remedy Entertainment Will Rock it With Epic Gamesdevelop games

In an interview with, Remedy Entertainment CEO Tero Virtala revealed that Remedy Entertainment has two unannounced projects in collaboration with Epic Games. Both these projects will take place in the same universe.

Several different projects

Currently, Remedy Entertainment is working on several different projects, with the studio divided into four teams. These four developers’ teams are working on five different games.

The team behind Control has started a new AAA project, while another team is working on Crossfire’s sequel CrossfireX. A third team is engaged in Vanguard; a multiplayer project.

Developing Two unannounced Projects

Remedy Entertainment’s fourth team is working on the two announced projects targeting both PC and console. These two projects are in collaboration with Epic Games, as of now, there aren’t many details on these mysterious projects.

However, Remedy Entertainment CEO shared some details about the narrative and scope of the projects and said that these games “are set in a shared universe.”

AAA category

One project is a AAA category and large scale in nature while the other is a smaller experience. The team aims to create an IP that they would revisit through multiple releases.

Virtala further added, “With the project, we’re doing with Epic, it’s in a world we want players to spend more time in the world and the brand.”

Multiple expanding brands

With these projects, Remedy Entertainment aims to create multiple expanding brands progressing forward. Moreover, the new live service coop game Vanguard is built focusing on the same idea of an expansive and long-running brand so that it too can continue to cultivate post-launch.


With the launch of Control in 2019, these new games won’t release any time soon. Most probably the next scheduled release is CrossfireX anytime later this year.


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Video Gaming News; Remedy Entertainment Will Rock it With Epic Games
Video Gaming News; Remedy Entertainment Will Rock it With Epic Games

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