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Soon Amazon will launch their game “New World”, what to expect?

E-commerce tech giant Amazon’s much-awaited and anticipated game New World is around the corner.

E-commerce Tech Giant Amazon And Their Game "New World" - Gaming News

E-commerce Tech Giant Amazon And Their Game “New World” – Gaming News

Amazon Game Studios is finally ready to launch its massively multiplayer online game New World. The game is set to hit the markets next month, however, it wasn’t a smooth ride at all for the developers.

The most recent hurdle the game developers faced was yet another delay after remotely working on the game for more than a year.

The recent delay is caused by bugs, according to Game Director Scot Lane. The issues and bugs surfaced during the beta testing which started in July. “We have a little bit more work to do than we thought,” Lane added. “The surprise for me was our alpha community didn’t find nearly all the exploits the whole world found.”

“One bug, which allowed players to duplicate items, was discovered within days, and savvy fans worked together online to map out the best and most expedient ways of exploiting it. “Players are really clever at finding exploits. There are really no substitutes for that,” Lane added. “It was clever and smart, and it was something we hadn’t anticipated.”

New World faces a tough challenge in the shape of other well-established heavyweights in the genre like World of Warcraft. WoW is around for two decades, so gaining space and traction won’t be easy.

The stakes are high this time for Amazon as it failed previously when it comes to launching big-budget video games. Crucible came out last year but failed to attract players and was eventually put down.

Now, Amazon is taking a huge gamble and going all-in for its new MMO New World.

New World has suffered four delays till now, however, it may turn out promising as the developers valued players’ feedback during the beta testing.

E-commerce Tech Giant Amazon And Their Game "New World" - Game News

E-commerce Tech Giant Amazon And Their Game “New World” – Game News

The game is coming out at a time when some big gaming companies are moving to the metaverse. While others are investing and focusing on mobile gaming. Keeping in view the trend, New World feels like a throwback to the heyday of the MMO genre.

However, with Activision Blizzard facing a backlash lately due to sexual harassment issues, players may migrate to New World.

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