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Popular video game streaming platform Twitch Suffers Massive Data Breach. Twitch Data Breach is trending topic.

Twitch suffered a massive data breach. More than 125 GB of confidential data is hacked and is available on the internet chat forum 4Chan. The date of the hack isn’t certain but the data was available on the website on Wednesday.

The document available on the internet shares the amount of money Twitch paid to its streamers. The authenticity of the breach was corroborated by the streamers who made millions from the platform.

Twitch confirmed the hacking and data breach and said that it was “working with urgency” to assess the situation and extent of the damage. The company further said it, “would update the community as soon as additional information is available.”

The poster of Twitch’s data claimed that the leak was made to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space.”

The leaked document also contains Twitch’s source code for its website and all related services. Moreover, the leaked document is labeled as number 1 which suggests that there is more to follow. The metadata leaked in the folder is named: ‘Core config packages’, ‘dev tools’, and ‘infosec’ which shows that the data is of a highly confidential nature.

Twitch is known for guarding and hiding its operational details especially related to money given to streamers. So the situation is quite embarrassing for Twitch as of now. Moreover, the hacking and leaks come at a time when Twitch is faced with fierce competition in the video game streaming niche.

YouTube gaming can exploit the situation and learn about the amount of money Twitch is paying streamers to stay on the platform. The fallout of the leaks can have a huge impact on the competitive market.

The Twitch data breach is massive as a large number of data confidential data got hacked in a single sweep.

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