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Civitas Game

In the strategic city building game Civitas, each player can personalize their plot(s) of land with one-of-a-kind buildings and other things they’ve made or obtained. Each building built on a player’s land will have an impact on its statistics and capacity to generate passive resources. Players will possess plots and find uncommon NFTs.

Explore the actual world on adventures with the augmented reality application. Moreover, discover resources, engage in minigames, and find uncommon NFTs. To develop more sophisticated structures, amass power, and enter new eras, players must cooperate within their local subDAO.

You will possess one or more land plots in a sizable city as a citizen. So, you can gather, mine, and harvest the many resources that are on your property. These materials can be transformed by NFT buildings into other products required for upgrading and crafting.

A virtual “tower of influence” is located in the middle of each city, and only its residents can access it. So, players can access crucial information from towers about the performance of their cities, available quests, the state of world diplomacy, yield rates, subDAO business, and other matters pertaining to the development and expansion of cities.

Where and when can you play Civitas?

Civitas is playable on a computer and a smartphone. Players can find CITI tokens, engage in mini-games, and locate special materials required for construction. This is doable by entering the augmented reality realm via their phone. Besides, players will be able to use the map view to find these assets and take part in activities. These are distributed around them in the actual world thanks to the real-world geolocation technology.

On their PC, players can then engage with their land, find, gather, and craft objects, as well as post on city forums. For a richer experience, they will also get access to all city tower features, the city marketplace, and the world map view.

Although there will be a free play option, purchasing a plot of land is required to take part in city development and governance. Anyone with CITI tokens has access to the Civitas DAO. For now the game is set to be released in 2023 and you guys should follow their social pages for more information on its release.


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