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Nifty Football Game

Nifty Football is a fun and exciting blockchain game powered by the Flow Blockchain. The game lets you create and manage your own time whilst getting your hand on precious NFTs.

You’ll start by designing a special manager avatar for yourself. The avatar has physical characteristics like skin tone, hairdo, and attire chosen by you. So, to match how you appear in real life — or better yet, how you envision appearing when you’re a world-class football manager! Moreover, every accomplishment you make after this will be documented and added to the legacy you create for yourself over time.

Nifty Football Manager Avatar

The reputation factor will be a feature that develops with you over time. It will impact player morale, your capacity to draw the best coaches and scouts in the game, and ultimately, your ability to influence matches. Besides, when the game exits the beta phase, your manager avatar will be minted as a collectible NFT.


The Nifty Football game engine will generate 18 different players at random for you. Each one fills a different position on the field. Specifically, you’ll receive four attackers, correctly distributed as right-sided, left-sided, and center. Moreover, you will have two goalkeepers, six defenders, and six midfielders.

Since the game’s principle is that you can develop a team of nobodies from humble beginnings into world-class players, all players created at this stage will be of a rather low level. Having said that, all Beta users will get to participate in a full season of games during which time players will advance and accumulate XP.

All players will also have hidden potential, so you can have a really valuable asset among them without even realizing it until much later.

Transfer Market

The heart of the play-to-earn system as well as for Nifty Football’s more passionate players is the transfer market. At this time, a user might hypothetically cash in on the NFTs they’ve acquired while playing the game. Besides, if they so desired, to sell them for real-time money.

Anyone who buys a Manager NFT in the Nifty Football game will have access to the Nifty Marketplace, where scouts can view players’ true prospective value based on their skill and ability. The $NFTF token is used for transactions, and Nifty charges a 5% commission.

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