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This is for our football (US: soccer) fans where we discuss one of the first football and cyborg-themed blockchain NFT card game known as Cyball. The game has a unique combination of football and cyborgs where you will fight and conquer your enemies using your NFT cyborgs, of course, in a football duel. So, start by building your NFT cyborg team and wage war against other cyborgs. Cyball has a unique combination of aesthetic visuals, and exciting gameplay, and runs on BSC and Ethereum both. Moreover, it requires strategy skills to come up with a perfect team to top leaderboards. The game has a lot to offer with several game modes which will hook you up to the game for hours.

Cyball Gameplay, Cyblocs, and More

Bad news ahead, the game is not free to play and you got to have at least three Cyblocs to begin playing. But don’t despair as there are two methods to acquire Cyblocs. One, you can search for an available guild and become a scholar to receive NFTs in exchange for revenue share. Or you can go directly to the game’s marketplace and get your hands on the NFTs. So, having three Cyblocs in your wallet is necessary.

Cyball Cybloc

Each team features three Cyblocs having six traits each. The traits include tackling, passing dribbling, shooting, crossing, and physical. Additionally, they have a default base rating with players having one point option to add 1+ to their favorite trait, the cap is 100. Cyblocs are available online or you can trade in the marketplace.

Cyblocs Rarity and Traits

Cyblocs have a class and rarity scales and are divided into 5 rarities: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legendary. These classes have a direct impact on Cybloc’s overall range and skill set of traits. Traits are important as they make or break a Cybloc’s character and personality. These traits come in three levels and the classification goes common, rare, and super rare.

The Gameplay

The gameplay requires a player to select one of five tactics based on strategy. A player may choose ultra-defensive, defensive, balanced, attacking, or ultra-attacking. At the beginning of each round, you will put your best Cybloc in the said skill (highlighted skill) to win the round. There is also an action card that will also come in handy to assist the card in play.


Cyball In-game Modes

The game has several in-game modes if you are not too impressed by a mere 1v1. The game modes offer League tournaments with players fighting to top the leaderboard. These league games have new seasons after a while with a lot of rewards. Moreover, the game also offers tournaments, as well as training besides exhibition matches. The tournaments are invite-only events with organizers inviting players to play them.

Cyball Tokenomics

So, what about Cyball’s play to earn mechanics and in-game economics? Geeky questions but important ones. The game has a two-token economyCybloc Battery Token (CBT) and Cyball Token (CYB).

Cybloc Battery Token (CBT)

It is the primary currency of the game and will help you make every kind of transaction in the game. You can earn the token by winning against opponents in the game. The Token uses Ethereum and BNB.

Cyball Token (CYB)

Cyball Token CYB is the governance token of the game, it is an ERC 20 and BEP 20 token. The only way you can earn this token is by Staking, participating in leagues and tournament matches, and supporting the game’s ecosystem. The CYB token will let players take part in Cyball’s governance, and or mentor new CyBlocs. The developers are still working on getting the ideal economic system for the game.

Final Word

Cyball has a future and it is here to stay thanks to a dedicated development team behind the project. Despite the crypto winter, the team continues to throw in new updates to keep improving the game. Recently, they have joined hands with Polygon Studios to further expand and cement its position in the blockchain gaming ecosystems.

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