Episode 39; GamingMalta, Malta and Gaming, Ivan Is Explaining What His Governmental Foundation Is Offering The Games Industry And Eitan Is The Founder Of A New Games Fund Vgames

GamingMalta, Malta and Gaming, have you heard about it? Well, today an interesting talk with Ivan Filletti, who is representing his government Malta. Lots of us do know the island because of Igaming, but there is so much more. Besides being a wonderful island to relax during your holiday’s, they are working on a gaming eco-system. Next to that, I have the second part of my interview with Eitan Reisel. He started a games fund Vgames. Interesting enough I was already able to talk to some people and mention his new initiative. It was refreshing to listen to an investor that talks with so much passion about our beloved games industry, and actualy understands it. 

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Episode 38; VGames.vc Is A New Gaming Fund From Israel, Eitan Explains How To Back Game Studio Founders And Robby Yung Shares His Vision About Blockchain In Games

VGames.vc is a new games investment firm in the games industry. VGames is founded to support early stage game founders trying to turn their dreams into reality.  In this episode I am talking to Eitan Reisel about his new games fund, how is looking at the games industry, how he is finding new potentials investments, which platforms or segment of the industry, deal terms etc. Also the second part of the interview with Robby Yung, CEO Animoca Brands. We dive in deeper on how blockchain can be a service for the gaming industry. In episode 37 you can listen to the first part of this interview.

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Episode 37; Blockchain And Games, Great Insights By Robby Yung, CEO Of Animoca Brands, Who Talks About The Ownership Of Digital Goods In Gaming

Blockchain and games is a topic that I have come across many times in the last years. Many people talk about it and it is said, it is a game-changer.  In this episode I wanted to learn more how blockchain can work for game developers. A company that is quite often in the news, when it is about blockchain and games is Animoca Brands. So who better could I talk to then the CEO himself; Robby Yung. Animoca Brands develops blockchain-enabled games, which facilitates a genuine form of digital ownership of in-game content and collectables in its games. The digitised approach allows players to maintain ownership features across games and platforms, compared to the traditional game industry, where content is owned by the developer/publisher and rented by the player.

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Halo Infinite delayed and Xbox series X confirmed for November

Halo Infinite won’t see the daylight in 2020, as it is delayed to 2021!

But alas, Halo Infinite won’t be the one. But there are many other awesome confirmed games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Gear Tactics, Dirt 5, Yakuza: like a Dragon, Watch Dogs: Legion.

Meaning it will not launch along-side Xbox Series X as Xbox had previously planned. A statement released by Microsoft has confirmed that the delay has come due to multiple factors that contributed to the development challenges including ongoing COVID related factors impacting us all this year.

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Yoshinori Ono Leaves Capcom after Almost 30 Years

Yoshinori Ono has left the the building (of Capcom) after 27 years!

Capcom has just had big shakeup right now as iconic Capcom figure. He was the Street Fighter Series executive producer, and one of the leading figures who helped in the resurrection of Street Fighter after 2008 when Street Fighter 4 came out.

Reading Ono’s announcement on Twitter made the Street Fighter fan-base and gaming industry sad but at the same time, it’s a chance for some big changes that could be good for the game, or who knows Ono’s ouster turns out to be worse for Street Fighter.

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Tencent Holding is merging two chinese streaming giants

Tencent Holdings, according to various credible reports, wants to merge the two Chinese live streaming giants, Huya and DouYu. Resultantly, the shares of both these companies popped in response to Tencent’s idea.

Tencent Holdings, entertainment, and the tech giant has more than one-third share in both Huya and DouYu and wants to become the largest stakeholder of the combined live-streaming platform. The market capitalization of both Huya and DouYu is huge, both sitting at $5.9billion and $4.9billion respectively. And according to Reuters, if this merger happens it will also include Tencent’s e-Game streaming platform which is the fourth largest in China.

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