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The internet future gets inspired by our video games industry. Whoop!

At the end of this year, let’s talk about how this year has introduced the masses to the future of the internet, or let’s say the internet revolution reloaded. This year many of us got introduced to new terminologies like NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, augmented reality, metaverse, digital nomad, and more.

The Future Of The Internet Takes Inspiration From Video Games

The Future Of The Internet Takes Inspiration From Video Games

Technology is at an unprecedented pace and new realities are surfacing like the metaverse. Tech giants like Meta, Tencent, and more are investing billions of dollars into it.

Screen time has grown a lot more since the pandemic and the idea is to bring everything together in the metaverse from office to education, from sports to leisure, socializing to entertainment. A massive shift is evident and companies are hiring individuals with expertise in the metaverse domain.

The evolution we are witnessing is bigger than the revolution of the internet and even social media. People are getting into an immersive virtual reality that will redefine the lives of many.

Moreover, big tech companies are introducing video games into this world. Video games already have their own immersive reality and there are billions of people associated with video games. Fortnite alone has 350 million users registered. Games like GTA, Fortnite, Roblox already showcase metaverse-like reality where people socialize and engage in activities like concerts and more.

Even digital assets are on sale, the metaverse-like situation is already upon us where the likes of Nike and Gucci are selling their virtual apparel on digital stores.

Digital immersion is expanding at a massive rate and will continue to do so. Companies investing in the metaverse are following a business model which video games have been using for years.

The Future Of The Internet Takes Inspiration From Video Games - Crypto & Blockchain

The Future Of The Internet Takes Inspiration From Video GamesCrypto & Blockchain

However, the key for tech giants like Meta will be to retain and maintain a recurring community and a loyal user database.

Moreover, a virtual space with a mass ecosystem, open world, interactive environment, and narrative-driven objectives can guarantee a successful metaverse.

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