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9Tales Game

The world of 9Tales has nine classes: the Elves, the Elementals, the Old ones, the Angels, the Humans, the Orcs, the Beastmen, the Moutas, and the Djinns.

Players in the game must first use their cards to construct a deck before they can engage in combat with other players or the AI. The total power of a player’s cards determines the size of their deck, which means they can only fit certain powerful cards in there and must strike a balance between powerful and weak cards.

Playing a card uses up one action, whereas players have limited actions, to begin with, and are given more after each turn. Many cards contain special abilities that could cost you actions, or anything else.

In the game, players have the opportunity to organize their strategies and attacks. Attacks may be launched simultaneously from both sides, and some cards may be used in retaliation for other cards or actions.

There are 3 game modes in 9Tales

For now, the game has 3 main modes. The best thing about all these modes is that they do not require any pay-to-win kind of mechanism. Hence, you can enjoy your gameplay, as you improve your strategy and general game.

Ranked gameplay:

It is the form of gameplay that uses an ELO system with ranks and is the most common one. Depending on their rank, players either win more or fewer NITs. The higher their position, the more NIT they receive after each victory.

Coliseum 9Tales:

In the compete-to-earn paradigm, Coliseum is the first game mode in which players can combine their cards into a massive stack before drafting a deck from the combination of all cards. Then, players get to compete against one another, earning better rewards for bigger victories.

Adventure game mode:

Through a variety of games against AI characters, the adventure game mode narrates the history of the 9Tales universe. New characters and tales are periodically added to the game mode.

9Tales Gameplay