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Every week Reinout is hosting a games podcast for listeners that are interested in the world of games. Topics like game development, gaming news, marketing, raising funding, mergers & acquisitions, social media, streaming, esports and so much more. This gaming podcast is for the gaming industry and people that are interested in the games space like investors, services providers and schools/universities/students to get a sense of what’s out there in the game industry. Tune in every week for the game podcast of Reinout;

Topics such as the latest gaming news with my opinion about it, startups in gaming ain’t easy so I will give tips and intro’s, a watchlist of game studios that I see during my weekly activities, recent rounds of funding and insights on financial aspects in gaming, the world of recruitment to get you the best job in games, how to deal with challenges of game development, gaming news, get a marketing plan in order to do user acquisition, company branding so everyone knows you excist, I call that story telling gaming podcast and of course up-to-date trends and analysis presented by the experts and researchers themselves. 

Now tell me, doesn’t this sound like a weekly masterclass? Get ready for Gaming! Are you in? 

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For those of you who don’t know, Cloud Gaming is a method of playing video games with the help of remote hardware. Cloud Gaming enables you to play high-quality games on your local devices.
The true thrill and excitement in gaming can only be obtained through competing and challenging one another. Esports was developed …
It’s a great pleasure for the organisers of NG20, 27-29 May in Malmö, Sweden to announce that John Clark, VP of partnerships, Europe at Tencent, have joined as a speaker. NG20 migrated online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will take place from May 27 to 29
Game spending totaled a record-breaking $10.5B in April 2020, showing the continued strength of the medium during the COVID-19 crisis.
My interview today is about Esports and how important legal is. Not only the contracting part but also having a …
The has been in the gaming industry for so many years, which came into existence with a mission to …
Looking for a new podcast for the latest gaming news, reviews, and the odd scoop? Look no further, here’s five of the best games podcasts in 2020.
I am getting the hang of it. It was my 20th episode of PodcastGameConsultant this week. I started when some people said, give it a try, it will be fun to listen to you interviewing other gaming people. So I first started to read everything, then came the mic, then came the website. Slowly but surely I was getting on the road of podcasting!
Chinese tech and entertainment giant Tencent has teamed up with Huawei to build a cloud games service.
In this episode 14, I am asking a few questions besides my take on what might happen in the games industry! I am inviting you to come and brainstorm. Let other people know, that I am trying to get something going here, where we, as a gaming industry, compare notes/thoughts/ideas. What can we expect from ourselves, the consumer and more. Check the question below and give me your input in the comments.
How the IGDA is helping game developers deal with crisis
Episode 12; Jacob and Teddy explain Nordic Game, New item (Cris) Reed thinks is about esports and latest game news
Episode 11 Interview with Oscar Clark, Former Evangelist for Papaya Mobile, Applifier and Unity Technologies
Episode 10 with interviews Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat and Odile Limpach
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