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NFT Games Ban, Smart or Not?

Valve’s Ban on NFT Games Criticized by 29 Blockchain Game Studios.

A coalition group of blockchain game studios criticized Valve over the ban of the NFT based game on Steam. Steam does not allow NFT based games in its store and has placed a strict ban on them.

Valve Criticized On NFT Games Ban

Valve Criticized On NFT Games Ban

The open letter published by the group has blasted Valve’s approach and called on to reverse its decision.

NFT Games Ban

Last week, Valve’s Steam digital distribution service reiterated its stance and told Age of Rust developer Spacepirate Games that it won’t allow NFT games on Steam. The reason being ambiguities and concerns surrounding NFT items’ ‘real-world value.’

On the contrary, 29 blockchain game studios and platforms including Enjin, and the Blockchain Game Alliance came up with an open letter. The letter urged Valve to reverse the ban on NFT and blockchain-based games. The letter demanded Valve to let the games and NFT content on Steam.

NFT games especially Axie Infinity has seen tremendous success lately. The game follows the Play-to-earn business model and allows players to control the economy. Players buy NFT items, level them up, and then sell them to other players in the game.

The phenomenon of NFT art and cryptocurrencies witnessed an increase in growth during 2021. Thousands of players around the world have made their livelihood from NFT games.

NFT games using blockchain technology is a new concept and it has opened up exciting avenues for a player to make money while playing. The technology has made games more decentralized, player-focused, and democratic with huge potential in them.

Valve Criticized On NFT Games Ban

Valve Criticized On NFT Games Ban

The blockchain group criticized Valve’s practice of use of its power to keep the NFT games out of its huge platform. Valve’s decision has blocked an entire game category that includes some of the most exciting games out there.

Valve’s decision to not allow NFT games is concerned with the ramifications of gambling laws. The gambling laws in Washington penalize games if they offer real-world rewards in video games. Nonetheless, Valve has made it clear that it will not allow NFT games on Steam.

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