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The video gaming and social media giant Tencent has finally rolled out its plans for its metaverse; Tencent Metaverse!

Tencent shared the teaser plans for the metaverse in its earning calls. Before Tencent, it was Facebook that took initiative and shared its $10 billion investment plans for the metaverse.

Zuckerberg’s plan didn’t provide much for the investors and enthusiasts as it was confusing. On the contrary, Tencent’s metaverse plan appeared more precise and measured.

Tencent Metaverse Plan

Let’s have a look at Tencent’s approach to the metaverse and how it has provided more than enough for investor speculations.

Tencent’s CEO Pony Ma let people know about metaverse and said, “Anything that makes the virtual world more real and the real world more rich with virtual experiences can become part of the metaverse.”

Other executives also chipped in with more definitions and explanations on the metaverse. Tencent also shared its approaches and “pathways” to the metaverse. The two pathways to metaverse shown by Tencent are video games and social media.

Video games are the most obvious way to create metaverse as it is Ten-cent’s largest revenue driver. According to Ma, There are several ways to carry out metaverse in video games like highly interactive games, multiple games under one common IP, a unique and common platform or infrastructure to make games.

The ideas are already in the application phase by Ten-cent in its portfolio companies like Epic Games, Roblox, and Discord.

As for the social media pathway, Ma said that it could be a mega social network that could be, “gamified and supports much more programmable experiences.” James Mitchell, Tencent’s chief strategy officer added.

“One needs to both provide the 3D graphics capabilities… the one with the server-based community” and “provide the UGC and PGC tools that the game companies need.”

The last plan shared by Ten-cent on metaverse is a pathway that could be “real-world experience but augmented by augmented reality and virtual reality.”

As of now, Ten-cent didn’t share any deadlines or timelines on the project. Stay with us for more.

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