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X-Metaverse Game

X-Metaverse is a Star Wars-like game on WEB3, built on the Binance Smart Chain technology. Players can use their huge space ships to mine, breed, hunt, explore, battle out, trade, and synthesize in the X-Metaverse universe. The game offers a variety of spaceships, battleships, astronauts, and different types of equipment each having its own qualities and specifications needed for specific missions.

X-Metaverse Gameplay

The gameplay offers different factions, players can opt for the faction of their choice. The three factions in the game are based on three different warrior races – AI-Shells, the Alien Guardians, and the Mankind. So, the game metaverse explores a world of humans, aliens, and cyborg AI beings. The game offers two battle modes, PvE and PvP which can be entered into through your space battleships.

There are five different types of battleships including the cruiser, the frigate, interceptor, bomber, and the destroyer – each following a different function and a different type of battle strategy which players can opt from according to their battle plans.  Each battleship has its own weapons ranging from laser canons, particle canons, omega frost turrets, and electromagnetic trail canons. Moreover, every battleship has its own typical equipment like nuclear power parts, armors, thrusters, and turrets which are totally customizable. PvE battles are fought in the exploration mode looking for resources and scavenging a planet. In the PvP mode, players participate in battleship tournaments to make a place on the leaderboard.

Game Economics

The metaverse is full of NFTs – the battleships are NFTs, the planets are NFTs, and the equipment and weapons are NFTs. Moreover, the central token of the game is XMETA which players can earn by participating in PvP battle tournaments; selling NFT items like the battleships and the planets, and fighting in ally battles to conquer any new planets. Lastly, in the marketplace, NDT boxes can be bought to mint new NFTs and equipment.

The Game’s Official Preview