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A new trend? Mobile Gaming Esports. Mobile gaming revenues are growing and so is the number of players!

Mobile gaming is on the rise all around the world and it is also making heads in the esports domain. Earlier mobile gaming was mostly popular among casual gamers.

The Rising Trend Of Mobile Gaming Esports

The Rising Trend Of Mobile Gaming Esports

However, the recent trend manifests that competitive mobile gaming is on the rise across the globe. Games like COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire have opened up competitive venues for mobile gaming.

Major esports organizations are also taking notice of this rising trend in mobile gaming. These organizations are adding mobile gamers to their rosters and racking up for major competitions.

Major games are also getting mobile versions, for example, Riot Games has taken initiative to focus more on mobile games and adapted a mobile version of Wild Rift.

The exponential growth recorded in mobile gaming was due to the worldwide lockdown in the pandemic stricken years. According to a report by IDC and LoopMe, Mobile players increased by 12% worldwide between 2019 and 2020. The trend continued even after the pandemic and lockdown period.

Mobile Gaming Esports

The number of mobile gamers in Southeast Asia by far exceeds any other region. Mobile gaming saturation in Southeast Asia records a massive 87% when compared to North America which is 60%. Carlos Alumuring, CEO of prominent Southeast Asian esports, shared his thoughts.

“The market is only going to get way more competitive, both in mobile gaming and mobile esports,” Alimurung said. “You have Riot Games pushing Wild Rift — not only in the region but globally. And you also have Riot already talking about taking Valorant mobile.”

The Rising Trend Of Mobile Gaming Esports

The Rising Trend Of Mobile Gaming Esports

With current trends, it is being projected that mobile gaming platforms will continue to grow not only in Asia but also all around the world. Developers like Riot Games, EA, and others are investing in the mobile gaming platforms and infrastructure of titles like Valorant and Wild Rift.

The ease in accessibility, logistics, and flexibility in mobile gaming allows for its easy adaptability by consumers as well as investors.

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