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Planet Mojo Game

Planet Mojo is a new metaverse with NFTs and a Play-and-Own gaming experience. A new WEB3 game built on the Polygon blockchain developed by veteran game developers formerly associated with LucasArts, Activision, and EA. Mystic Moose is the game development studio that has made an alliance with Concept Art House to develop cool, 3D NFTs for the game and its metaverse.

Planet Mojo Storyline:

Planet Mojo is home to different wild and fantastic monsters and creatures. The faraway planet is under attack by a new technological invasive pure force called the “Scourge”. Besides, the planet is home to the Mojos which are plant-hybrid creatures borne out of the “Moj-Seeds”. There are 6 clans of the Mojos, each having its own traditions, histories, values, abilities, and powers. However, the Mojos have various forms like Leafy, Moss, Flowers, and Vines. Champions are specialized warriors that come from these clans and are sent to investigate the “Scourge”. Ancients are the goliath sentient creatures borne out of mountains, trees, fungi, etc.


The game is a combination of many mini-games with a focus on the fun part of gaming first then the other things. Moreover, Planet Mojo offers PvP-styled games with the first one being the Mojo Melee. Mojo Melee is an auto-chess game with rankings, tournaments, seasons, etc. that gives the players great fun in addition to the opportunity to make money. Another game Mojo Land is a land-based game Tournament-fashioned games are the highlight of this metaverse and new mini-games will be added to the platform soon. Planet Mojo is a decentralized project where the players will be the owners of the game.


It is a metaverse with 3D NFTs at the core of the game economy. The players will have complete ownership of the NFT characters which can be upgraded and traded on the marketplace. Moreover, the game is free-to-play to make it accessible to everyone but not play-to-earn but that does not mean you cannot earn cash in Planet Mojo. Ultimately, there are a variety of ways to earn cash by investing in NFTs, staking, token rewards, etc. The IDO token for the game will be revealed after 2023 according to the Roadmap of Planet Mojo.

Planet Mojo Official Trailer