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A multiplayer first-person shooter featuring zombies called Undead Blocks pits survivors against successive waves of bloodthirsty Undead. Undead Blocks will be the first AAA FPS title on the P2E market, developed by Kevuru Games (who have previously worked on several smaller projects like Fortnite and Star Wars Tales of The Galaxy’s Edge). In addition to having ground-breaking tokenomics, the game will use a stablecoin (ZBUX) and a dual token ecosystem to support their metaverse organically so that Survivors can keep playing Undead Blocks for many years to come.

How to begin playing Undead Blocks

You must first buy a Weapon Loadout NFT from their website or from OpenSea in order to play Undead Blocks. You will be able to use every weapon in the game with this loadout. Once you have obtained your loadout, you will also be able to acquire more weapons, and that loadout will be known to possess those weapons available to you. In order to join a match after securing your loadout, you must first register an Undead Blocks account and link your ETH wallet to that account. There is a free-to-play option, but you cannot earn with that.

Game modes

There are currently two main game modes:

Squad Mode

In this mode, 4 players will be placed on a map where hordes of zombies will come wave after wave. This will continue till all the players have died. The gameplay is quite familiar to call of duty and the emphasis has been made on playing with friends. You can voice chat with your teammates to strategize. This mode rewards players with low amounts of ZBUX.

King of the Hill

Four players will be put on the map in King of the Hill and left there to face the horde. There is a twist, though. You won’t know the weapons the other 3 players will be carrying when you first enter the area, and you won’t be able to interact with one another in-game. This will make it ESSENTIAL for you to upgrade your weaponry as soon as you can to give yourself a competitive advantage over other players. The waves of zombies will still be faced by all of the players at once, but how the ZBUX gained during the match is distributed will depend on how many zombies kill each player records in-game.

Undead Blocks Trailer 2022