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The blockchain gaming industry is experiencing a bullish trend in the early part of this year, and there are many exciting updates, activities, and rewards to be had. In this week’s Super Sunday news, we bring you the latest information on tournaments in Mojo Melee and Cometh Galactic Masters, as well as updates on Synergy Lands moving to the Polygon network and Intella X raising a significant investment prior to going live. Blockchain games offer a unique and thrilling gaming experience, and we encourage gamers to participate in these tournaments and explore the world of blockchain gaming.

Super Sunday Play-And-Earn
Super Sunday Play-And-Earn

Blockchain gaming is on the rise, and this week’s Super Sunday news brings you the latest updates, activities, and rewards in the industry. In addition to tournaments in Mojo Melee and Cometh Galactic Masters, we also have exciting news for players in The Sandbox, with several activities and events to participate in. Gods Unchained has also recently released a fresh and new UI for its mobile version. For rewards, Big Time is coming up with a big airdrop for its players and NFT holders of the Bored Ape Series can play Dooky Dash. Prime Eternal holders of Champions Ascension players can also expect a free reward. Furthermore, we see another migration from Solana to the Polygon network.

Highlights of this Super Sunday Blockchain Gaming News Newsletter:

Mojo Meele has announced the launch of the first Mojo Bowl Invitational Tournament.

Get ready for an exciting blockchain gaming tournament with the chance to win both free NFTs and cash prizes! Every participant in the tournament will receive an NFT, and the prize pool for winners is an impressive $5,000. The tournament, which is open to the public in partnership with Community Gaming, will take place over the weekend of February 11th and 12th. With both USDC and NFTs up for grabs, expect fierce competition as an additional 256 players join in.

Want to join the exciting blockchain gaming tournament with the chance to win NFTs and cash prizes? There are two ways to earn an invitation to compete: by participating in the open qualifier on February 4th and 5th, or by winning a spot through giveaways on Mojo Melee’s social media channels. Keep an eye on Mojo Melee’s Discord and Twitter accounts for updates on how to enter the giveaways and secure your invitation to the tournament.

Guild of Guardians Esports Partnership.

Guild of Guardians, a blockchain game, has announced a partnership with several esports teams to launch a limited edition sale of Heroes. This sale will feature eight Legendary Heroes, each representing one of the involved esports teams, which include fan favorites such as Fantic, Cloud9, NaVi, Ninja in Pyjamas (NiP), SK Gaming, NRG, and Team Liquid. These teams are known for their performances in popular games such as CSGO. This partnership is a great opportunity for fans of both blockchain gaming and esports to own a piece of their favorite teams.

Get your hands on limited edition Heroes for only $99 in ETH! With only 16,000 available, mark your calendars for the sale starting on February 19th. If you’re on the allowlist, you’ll have the opportunity to buy one 24 hours before the public sale. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer and save on gas fees by purchasing on the IMX marketplace.

The Cometh Galactic Masters Tournament has arrived.

Win $1500 in cash and other rewards by participating in the February card game tournament! 16 players will make it to the final tournament after playing in the qualifying rounds. To qualify, participate in the mini cup tournaments starting January 31st and ending February 11th. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a winner in this exciting tournament!

Earn a spot in the Masters tournament and cash prizes by finishing in the top two of each Sector Cup! Players who make it to the Galactic Masters tournament can win up to $1500 USDC. Top 8 finishers will receive cash prizes, with $100 for 7th-8th place, $200 for 5th-6th place, $300 for 4th place, $600 for 3rd place, $1000 for 2nd place, and $1500 for the winner.

Gods Unchained is ready for mobile release with a new patch.

Gods Unchained, a popular blockchain-based card game, plans to expand to the mobile gaming market to reach a wider audience. The game recently launched a new patch that includes changes to the user interface in preparation for its alpha mobile launch. These changes are different from the desktop version and are aimed at optimizing the mobile gaming experience. The move is expected to increase the game’s reach and attract new players.

Gods Unchained is optimizing for mobile screen resolutions by moving the Mana wheel to the left of the screen and the player’s hand to the right. Players can also toggle the option to adjust the placement of the hand to their liking. Stay tuned for the upcoming mobile version alpha in the next month or two.

Synergy Land is relocating to Polygon.

Polygon, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, has partnered with Xternity to bring Synergy Land to the Polygon network. Xternity’s network migration tool will allow for the transfer of Synergy Land’s resources to the Ethereum Virtual Machine chain. The process will link Solana-powered digital wallets, burn assets on Solana, and then recreate them on Polygon. Synergy Land aims to seamlessly bring its Web2 audience to the benefits of Web3 on the Polygon network, which offers a plethora of options, greater functionality, seamless interaction, and the credibility of the Ethereum blockchain.

Intella X has raised $12 million in funding.

Polygon-powered web3 gaming platform Intella X raises $12 million in funding from big names such as Animoca Brands, Polygon, Magic Eden, Planetarium, Big Brain Holdings, and more before its launch in Q1 2023. Intella X aims to be a next-generation gaming platform, removing high entry barriers in blockchain games.

Intella X, a Polygon-powered web3 gaming platform, will offer easy wallet creations, smooth meta transactions, and rewards in Intella X tokens for contributors such as game developers and users. The platform will also redistribute shares from generated revenue to contributors through its decentralized revenue distribution protocol. In Q1 2023, the platform will launch its own NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange, web3 wallet, and a launchpad for games on its platform.

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