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Twitch has taken down several videos from partnered streamers channels earlier this week in what is described as the strongest action taken against copyrighted content to date. The mass-ban continued on content that was found to include copyright infringement material.

The streamers were informed via email that stated, “We are writing to inform you that your channel was subject to one or more of these DMCA takedown notifications and that the content identified has been deleted,” the email states. “We recognize that by deleting this content, we are not giving you the option to file a counter-notification or seek a retraction from the rights holder.”

The decision to enforce DMCA on content has caused a lot of panic among the streamer community. Despite banning the videos, the email also said that more videos violate the DMCA policy. The panic is valid as the majority of the streamers are unaware of which of their content contains copyrighted material. Some streamers are worried that their channel may get banned completely if they fail to remove copyrighted content. To remove copyrighted content, streamers have to go through a tedious task to scrub through hundreds of hours of videos to find em’ out.

Now, let’s talk about DMCA and why the social media community hates it? Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a federal law in the US that gives the copyright owners an option and right to call out unlicensed use of its products and requests those products or content to be taken down.

Twitch Deletes Waves of Videos in a Stern Action Against Copyrighted Content

Twitch Deletes Waves of Videos in a Stern Action Against Copyrighted Content

DMCA is not new with YouTube users and content creators, but in the case of Twitch, it was an unpleasant surprise to many. Twitch has laid down DMCA guidelines and states, “It is our policy to respond to clear notices of claimed copyright infringement that fully comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In addition, we will promptly terminate without notice the accounts of those determined by us to be “repeat infringers.”

It won’t be an easy task for the streamers to remove copyrighted content from their huge archives but Twitch has promised that it is making things easier for such streamers. Let’s see how things turn out for Streamers in the future, let’s hope that their channels stay intact.


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