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Games Encourage Reading For Youngsters!

An interesting Dutch study suggests that gaming motivates and encourages young people to read more. Collaboration between Leescoalitie, a reading stimulating organization, and Ubisoft, a gaming giant, developed a pilot app based on the idea.

Games Encourage Reading in Young Population: Dutch Study

Gaming Encourage Reading in Young Population: Dutch Study

The app is known as Readification and it presents an exciting amalgamation of stories based on the popular video game, Assassins Creed Valhalla, and sensory effects.

This project included writings from two famous writers, Ronald Giphart and Margje Woodrow. The app along with the story contains visual images, pop-up screens, climbs, and sound effects.

The app has had a welcoming start as it was downloaded around 75000 times. Moreover, the app also yielded desired results as it persuaded four in 10 young users to read more. According to a GfK consumer study, two-thirds of the users regarded sensory effects as the game-changer in encouraging reading.

The study from GfK and Leescoalitie read, “Online stories are a good alternative to read more, especially for young people who would be less likely to read a paper or e-book.”

The director of the CPNB Dutch book, Eveline Aendekerk, said that young people were more eager to experience the pleasure of reading based on gaming with which they are familiar.

He added, “the results exceeded all my expectations… the fact that this first pilot has shown that it is possible and that we are on the right track makes us all proud.”

The study further adds that seven in 10 young users who were part of the study were previously engaged in paper book reading. However, animated storytelling has the greatest effect on people who were already avid readers.

Games Encourage Reading in Young Population: Dutch Study

Gaming Encourage Reading in Young Population: Dutch Study

The study is interesting and shows that gaming can encourage reading in young people who play games. The combination of e-reading and gaming is a great way to stimulate reading in the younger population.

Reinout te Brake

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