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Hello and welcome to the Play-and-Earn Super Sunday News! In this dispatch, we bring you all the latest updates from the world of blockchain gaming for the first week of 2023. This week saw a variety of developments in the industry, including new updates and partnerships for existing blockchain games, the launch of new seasons, and the release of in-game cosmetic updates. Additionally, some projects have entered the beta phase, while others have laid the foundation for future development. Traditional game developers, such as Square Enix and Krafton, have also been showing interest in the Web 3.0 gaming industry. Stay tuned for more detailed information on these stories and more.

Square Enix Remains Affirmative with Blockchain Gaming Plans

In a new year’s letter to its fans, Square Enix, the creators of the popular game Final Fantasy, shared its plans for 2023 and emphasized its focus on and investment in blockchain and NFT games. The company’s president, Yosuke Matsuda, stated that blockchain entertainment will be a primary focus for Square Enix in the coming year and highlighted the company’s roadmap for 2023, which includes several blockchain gaming projects in addition to the already announced Symbiogenesis. Matsuda also expressed confidence in the potential of the blockchain gaming industry and the company’s role as a leader in the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Read more

PUBG begins accepting NFT Alpha Testing registrations.

Web 3.0 technology is gaining mainstream traction as popular game PUBG begins alpha testing of NFTs. PUBG Studios has partnered with Banger Games, a platform specifically designed for traditional developers transitioning to Web 3.0, to integrate NFT and P2E features into the game. The Web 3.0 version of PUBG will introduce three new game modes: Mad Max, Kill Frenzy, and Ghost Killer. This collaboration illustrates the increasing interest of traditional game developers in the potential of Web 3.0 and blockchain gaming. Read more

Decentraland Welcomes Hytech’s Global Metaverse Event

Last week, Decentraland set a new record for the most visitors in an hour as international management consulting firm Hytech launched its new brand in the Decentraland metaverse. The event, which was designed as a Christmas party, featured videos, games, lucky draws, and wearable NFTs in a special event space. The success of the event demonstrates the growing popularity and potential of the Decentraland metaverse for hosting events and experiences. Read more

MetaPixel launches its first AAA blockchain game.

South Korean AAA game developer NPIXEL has partnered with Aptos to form MetaPIXEL, which will launch its first AAA MMORPG, Gran Saga: Unlimited, in 2023. The game is based on the popular Web2 game IP Gran Saga, which has already achieved significant success in South Korea with over 4 million downloads on the App Store in its first year. Following initial testing in Q1 of 2023, Gran Saga: Unlimited is scheduled for a global release in Q2 of the same year. Read more

In DeFi Land, NFT Forging Begins

DeFi Land, a popular agriculture simulation blockchain game, has announced a new feature called NFT forging that will allow players to create stronger NFTs and increase their efficiency in the game. The developers of DeFi Land have also teased the upcoming addition of new features such as fusion, new NFTs, and mystery boxes. These updates are sure to be welcomed by the DeFi Land community. Read more

NFT forging is the process of taking existing NFTs (also known as Gen-0 NFTs) and deconstructing them in order to create new, stronger NFTs with improved features. This can be done by disassembling the NFTs and combining them in different ways, potentially resulting in the creation of NFTs with rare attributes and enhanced capabilities. The goal of NFT forging is to design and create NFTs that are more valuable and useful in a given game or application. Read more

Ultra Arena Welcomes Web 3.0 Esports and Tournaments

This week, we saw the introduction of Ultra Arena, a new esports platform for Web 3.0 tournaments. Ultra Arena is part of the Ultra ecosystem and aims to provide transparent and secure competitive gaming experiences. It offers a centralized location for players to browse and participate in tournaments, track statistics, and manage teams. The platform also includes a dashboard that keeps a record of players’ previous tournaments and achievements, as well as detailed information about current tournaments including rules, regulations, prizes, progress, and more. Additionally, players will be rewarded in $UOS, a cryptocurrency used within the Ultra ecosystem. Ultra Arena represents a promising new addition to the world of competitive gaming in the Web 3.0 space. Read more

Genopets’s Latest Update

Genopets recently released an update that improved the interface, fixed bugs, and introduced toys and food for pets as rewards for banking. In Genopets, players accumulate steps that reset every day, and those who do not bank their steps lose them. The addition of rewards for banking, including food and toys for pets, is intended to motivate players to save their steps and use them in minigames. These items can be useful in improving the gameplay experience and increasing the enjoyment of caring for virtual pets. Read more

Undead Blocks Bring Multiplayer

Undead Blocks has released an update that adds a multiplayer co-op mode, allowing players to team up with friends and family to take on zombies together. This update was highly anticipated by the Undead Blocks community and is expected to improve the overall gameplay experience. The full version of the game, which is set to be released at the end of the year, will feature additional content such as weapons, wave guns, new enemies, and a battle pass system. Read more

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