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Xbox Executive Phil Spencer on Metaverse and how Metaverse can Learn from Video Games.

In a recent interview with media, Phil Spencer shared thoughts on the metaverse and how Xbox is keeping up with the trend. According to Spencer, the core idea behind the metaverse is to enhance and strengthen the connection between people.

To understand the concept, we have to go back to the olden days when gamers used to play on arcades in a single room. The presence of family and friends playing video games in a single room had a strong element of connection.

This is what we lost when video game consoles reduced the gamers to their homes. This is where the sense of longing for community sprouted and multiplayer games made way to the gaming scene.

Xbox Executive Phil Spencer on Metaverse

The idea of the metaverse is somewhat identical to what the video game industry has already gone through. According to Spencer, the metaverse is an extension of what the video game industry has been doing all along.

Video games have already taught that by putting players in a virtual space you achieve a level playing field with a strong sense of unique identity which is a player’s username.

Moreover, people come into gaming to join hands, coordinate and cooperate to work together to achieve a common goal. Spencer said, “We look at these virtual spaces, and some of the things that we’ve learned in video games of people coming together to cooperate together, to achieve tasks.”

This is exactly what Zoom and other work-related virtual spaces are doing. This is something that companies and tech giants have taken inspiration from the video games for their work on the metaverse.

In addition, the pandemic also propelled the idea and gave lessons to businesses around the world.

Metaverse is on the cards for many big companies, especially Mark Zuckerberg, Meta. However, video game companies are already way ahead in the race of metaverse.

Microsoft’s Minecraft and Halo are glaring examples of the successful metaverse.

Moreover, games like Fortnite and Roblox have also created successful virtual worlds which are no less than a prototype for a metaverse.

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