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Everseed Game

Everseed is an upcoming play-to-earn, massively multiplayer online game on the Solana blockchain. The game offers a farm experience mixed with scavenging for seeds but with real monetary benefits.

There is still much to know about the game but as far as we know, the game is about farming and strategy. In the Everseed world, players hunt and scavenge for rare seeds in the deep flora and fauna of the metaverse. Players can nurture and plant the seeds for their farm fields. Each seed has its own significance and it helps in growing a different kind of resource necessary for the upkeep of the farms. Moreover, the game offers many cute and colorful breedable NFT pets for selling on the marketplace. The game is a massively multiplayer game where playing is earned.

Everseed Gameplay and Assets

Developed by Amihan Entertainment, a group of gaming industry veterans from Riot Games, Blizzard Developers, and other gaming houses. The gameplay involves multiple modes and tasks. So, players can go into the forests with their NFT pets to find rare seedlings and saplings. If you go deeper into the forest deviating from the path into undiscovered regions, you can find treasures, rare resources, and other magical wonders. Moreover, players can sow rare seedlings into their land to farm them and reap their rewards. The players have to defend their lands from poachers, animals, and other threats. Additionally, bigger pieces of land can be yielded together with your fellow friends by forming guilds. The game offers a multitude of NFT pets but their details are not out as of now and waiting for a release window.

Game Economy:

Everseed provides a free decentralized player-owned economy. Therefore, the harvested seedlings along with other resources can be marketed and traded in the free marketplace of the game. All the NFT goods in the game are sustainable, longevity, and have minimized carbon emissions. Everything earned or bought in the game comes into the ownership of the players which they can hold forever. The developers of the game claim that the game economy is based on comparatively very less emission of greenhouse gases.

Everseed Teaser Trailer