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Blockchain gaming industry is making continuous progress and the year 2023 and 2024 will see AAA blockchain games rolling out soon. Some of the promising names that will surely disrupt the gaming industry are Bluelight, Shrapnel, Illuvium, Star Atlas, Portal Fantasy, Deadrop, and more.

The blockchain gaming industry has experienced rapid growth and is continuously evolving as more and more people are getting hooked to new gaming concepts. The development of web 3.0 has caused a revolutionary transformation in the game business. This transformation has been greatly aided by technology, which has helped the sector expand and become a multibillion-dollar business. Developers, gamers, and businesses all have new potential thanks to this new technology. These games are projected to increase in popularity and realism by 2023 as more game producers and players adopt blockchain technology. In 2022, blockchain gaming claimed $4.6 billion net worth. It is predicted to reach a volume of $65.7 billion in the next five years.

Today, we are going to discuss top five blockchain games that are predicted to disrupt the industry in 2023.

Bluelight is a state-of-the-art gaming concept that lets you implement your business idea in the metaverse. It uses a play-to-earn business mechanism to incentivize active players as they progress.

You may start the business of your dreams with Bluelight, do business projects, make loads of money, and get recognition throughout the Metaverse.

Your business’s journey will begin with an office and staff that works together to execute tasks and projects in exchange for tokens and incentives. They can be utilized to increase your workspace and obtain access to future projects that are more difficult and expensive. Additionally, your teammates develop in strength and experience as you advance in the game and acquire additional cards. Launching every project, making a tonne of $KALE, and rising to the position of CEO of Bluelight Company are the game’s main objectives.


You should absolutely keep a look out for Shrapnel this year if you enjoy FPS games and NFTs. The first AAA revolutionary game combines breathtaking visuals with blockchain functionality. Besides, the ultimate Play-to-Earn game experience will allow players to customize their own assets, participate in battles, and stake the future SHRAP coin.

Shrapnel, which has gorgeous graphics and an engaging gaming experience, will come out as the first Web3 blockbuster game. The $SHRAP coin functions as a service and governance token. Additionally, it also helps players in staking, and minting player-created content, as a gas token. And as a medium of trade on the Shrapnel marketplace, is the foundation of the gaming industry. Players can develop products, weapon skins, and maps that they can sell to other players in multiplayer activity.


Next, Illuvium is an open-world, decentralized, three-dimensional fantasy role-playing game on The Immutable X L2 network that lets players explore an intriguing, unmapped landscape, capture creatures, gather unusual alien creatures called “Illuvials,” and engage in competitive battles in the “Battle Arena” for rewards.

The game is now in its private beta stage and is under beta test by a restricted group of players. The main game’s launch dates are still not officially out, although an open beta is will get underway soon. If Illuvium launches successfully in 2023, it might serve as a model for other game developers looking to create web3 games. Gamers will be keeping a close eye on the release of Illuvium since it could have a significant impact on the gaming industry as a whole.

Star Atlas

The Star Atlas multiplayer Metaverse, built on the Solana blockchain, has profited from its standing as a long-term cryptocurrency investment project. This well-known play-to-earn cryptocurrency game has joined the factions of the MUD Territory, the ONI Region, and the Ustur Sector.

Humans, aliens, and androids are constantly at odds with one another over resources, territory, and political power. The outcome of the interplanetary conflict is up to the citizens (players) of Star Atlas. Two native tokens, $ATLAS, and $POLIS. In the video game Star Atlas, players can pilot crewed spacecraft to locate resources on Earth and earn rewards for their efforts. If a player finds these resources, they can mine, polish, and trade on the Universal Marketplace. Moreover, Star Atlas features a first-person cockpit perspective that enables users to manually control spacecraft. Users need a Solana wallet to make payments and track NFT holdings.

Top Blockchain Games in 2023, Bluelight, Sharpnel, Portal Fantasy
Top Blockchain Games in 2023

Portal Fantasy

A unique role-playing game called Portal Fantasy incorporates features of both conventional and blockchain gaming. An 8-bit pixel world full of magic and mystery is on the offering. Players can explore this retro world as they set out on a fascinating adventure in Portal Fantasy. Players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich and engaging experience thanks to the game’s epic storyline. Portal Fantasy uses blockchain technology in addition to conventional gaming elements. The combo aims to provide players the chance to win prizes through in-game actions. “Portal Fantasy” has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re an experienced RPG player or brand-new to the genre.

As the game is currently in its development phase, it has announced the next closed beta launch on Polygon. Gamers are eagerly waiting to avail themselves of their beta pass by becoming active community members.

Also, we foresee a wave of cutting-edge blockchain games like, Deadrop, Shrapnel, and more. These will prioritize the user experience and long-term gains over money.

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