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Chromatic Souls AFK Raid Game

About Chromatic Souls AFK Raid, the game is set in a medieval environment. You play as a member of the Adventurer Alliance, an organization tasked with dealing with the monster’s danger. A danger that is posed by the Chromatic Dragon, which is bringing more and more creatures into the world.

So, the only way to protect your teammates, civilians, and yourself is to battle these monsters. And, thankfully for you, as with any RPG worth its salt, you can choose from a variety of classes to do so. You can play as a mage, knight, rogue, or druid in Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid, each with its own set of skills and gear.

You can choose from three various playstyles as you travel through the Kingdom of Rohan. The first of which is the idle mode. In effect, this allows you to reap the benefits of fighting even if you aren’t actively playing the game ideal for those of you with limited free time. You can also employ the auto-fight or boss battle modes. You get to gain valuable rewards with minimum effort.

What are the classes?

Mage: Her formidable spells specialize in wreaking havoc on the opponent. Her major strength is her AoE damage, which she uses to deal with huge groups of smaller adversaries, though she lacks single-target burst damage.

Knight: A stalwart defender with the ability to draw the enemy’s attention and maintain it on him in order to protect his comrades. The Knight has strong defenses and a vast HP pool, allowing him to withstand even the most brutal strikes.

Druid: The group’s healer, has the ability to both replenish her teammates’ HP and improve their combat skills with various positive effects.

Rogue: A class whose primary goal is to deliver as much damage to a single target as possible, making him an excellent contender for fighting tough bosses.

Check out the official trailer of Chromatic Souls AFK Raid