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Weekly P2E Games News Roundup

As the winter and holiday seasons approach, we bring you another edition of weekly gaming news. This week, we see game developers and gamers getting into the spirit of the holiday season with giveaways, launches, winter-themed in-game items, and more. We have the famous Axie Infinity team with a completely new approach for Axies and their owners. We also have popular NFT games like Gods Unchained and Splinterlands introducing new in-game content. Moreover, we will discuss the 30-day giveaway program for Undead Blocks, Genopets’ new crafting system, and more. We also saw that the Web 3.0 industry continued its upward trend with new partnerships and fundraising. With the year 2022 coming to a close, do stick with us for an overview of the year 2022 in Web 3.0, play to earn, and NFT games. We will take a holistic look at the events that happened in the Web 3.0 gaming industry in 2022.

NFT games: Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands - News
NFT games: Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, SplinterlandsNews

Aave Acquires Sonar

First, Aave bought Sonar to make it easier for Lens Protocol to be used across Web3 services. Sonar is a mobile social gaming application where players use unique avatars. These avatars are in the shape of colorful dots or 3D characters for users with Moji NFTs. Ben South Lee and Randolph Lee, who helped start Sonar, will join forces with Aave to make mobile apps that use Aave’s Lens Protocol. The system will make it easier for people to move from one application to another in a holistic metaverse. Thousands of Sonar users will be able to use the identity system that Lens Protocol gives.

Axie Core

The developers of Axie Infinity aren’t ready to give up yet, even though the number of players keeps going down and the game’s popularity keeps going down with it. The team has come up with its expanding vision for its Axies and users by making an ecosystem. This new Axie Core system will allow Axies to be useful in more than one game, increasing their utility in all other games and making Axies immortal. The goal of this new Axie Core system is to strengthen the emotional bond between Axie and its owner. The upgrade introduces the following elements:

So Axie’s next objective is to focus on the collectibility aspect. The Accessories Update for Axies will roll out this holiday season, so stay tuned.

Unstoppable Domains and DappRadar Form Partnership

Unstoppable Domains and DappRadar join hands, making it easier for visitors and users to the world’s Dapp Store to connect their wallets and use DappRadar’s services using their UD login. Unstoppable Domains is a leading platform for supplying Web 3.0 domains and identities. Now, users can log in to DappRadar using their Web 3.0 domains. This will not only make it easier for users to log in to DappRadar but also promote a single digital identity across Web 3.0 platforms. DappRadar is also giving away $50 in Unstoppable Domains store credit to its current users as a way to celebrate this partnership. So, Christmas presents are already rolling out to DappRadar’s existing users.

Earn Alliance successfully raised $4.7 million

Earn Alliance, a blockchain gaming community platform, has successfully raised funds. CoinFund and Fabric Ventures are leading the funding round, which also includes Blockchain Coinvestors, MAD World Ventures, Animoca Brands, NLS Ventures, angel investors, and others. Earn Alliance will use the funds to bring developers and gamers onto a single platform. The Alpha version of the Earn Alliance platform will launch on December 15th.

New Play-to- Earn games, P2E giveaways, and Blockchain Sales

Undead Blocks

With the holiday season fast approaching, Undead Blocks initiated its 30-Day Giveaway Program, which will last until January 17th. This will offer gamers a chance to grab rare skins, an NFT weapon loadout, and other surprise rewards. The participants will receive around 90 NFTs during this giveaway program.

Gods Unchained

Also, Winter Wanderland, a new and exciting mini-set with a winter theme, is coming out for Gods Unchained. This limited edition booster set will launch from December 14th through January 20th. With the new story about Orfeo being stuck in the Winter Wonderland, this set adds a total of 20 new cards to the game. Players can buy this booster winter mini set by purchasing it. However, the sale of these cards hasn’t started yet, so you’d better play weekend-ranked games or complete daily quests to win booster packs.


Splinterlands will unleash the Chaos Legion after SPS Propsal #15. With 77% of the vote, the SPS governance proposal to burn the Chaos Legion was approved. This will forever remove the unsold Chaos Legion pack from circulation. This means that if you are interested in purchasing the Chaos Legion pack, you should do so quickly, as a hard deadline will surely follow. But the holiday season is coming up fast, so the Chaos Legion pack might sell out before the fire starts. The next edition of cards is slated for summer 2023 and is known as “Rebellion.”

Blockchain Brawlers

Finally, we have the much-awaited Blockchain Brawlers going live. The WAX blockchain wrestling game now goes live, giving players the opportunity to finally test their wrestlers in the ring. You can play the game by logging in to your WAX wallet and investing in the starter pack, and then you are good to go. Staking and betting on $BRWL will launch on December 16th, so you may bet on the matches and make extra money. As of now, you can play the game in three PvP modes: exhibition vs. bots, ranked, and join/host. Swag kits are also available for purchase on BCB’s website for $WASP 178. However, the game is not free to play, meaning that you will require at least 1 brawler, 8 cards, and 3 moves. The starter packs for the game are available on OpenSea or the VIRL Marketplace with a floor price of 0.15 ETH.

This is it for the weekly edition; see you next week with more NFT and Web 3.0 gaming news. Check out also a news piece on a Web 3.0 gaming ecosystem boasting 100 games to make your holiday season more fun by clicking here. And check our Youtube P2E Games Channel.

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