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Nakamoto Games heads into the year 2023 as a centurion in play to earn games on its vast platform. The feat of reaching 100 games by the end of 2022 will happen this month by adding 78 new games to its ecosystem. Nakamoto Games’ play to earn (metaverse) ecosystem is an industry leader with a number of successful metaverse blockchain games under one roof. Also, the ecosystem is busy, bright, and full of super-addictive games. It also has a wonderful and active community of P2E gamers. Even though the crypto industry as a whole has been going down, one blockchain project, Nakamoto Games, has been slowly going up.

Nakamoto Games Achieves a Rare Feat

The ecosystem has seen massive success and widespread adoption in the Gamefi industry due to its two-pronged approach. First, its commitment to keep adding new games and growing its gaming database. Second, it says that having fun is more important than making money for the community. Its hustling and bustling game catalog comprises immersive and addictive games. And a recent announcement pledges a whopping 78 new games this month before the start of 2023. And 15 of the total 78 games will launch by the end of this week. So expect plenty of fun and valuable rewards this holiday season.

Nakamoto Games is only 10 months old in the Gamefi industry when it comes to going live. The developers have given weight to community feedback and introduced much-needed changes to stay ahead of the curve. Nakamoto Games appears to be as committed as ever now, ten months after going live, especially with the way they are ending 2022

The best thing about Nakamoto Games is that they are free to play, and anyone can play them without having geeky crypto knowledge. These on-the-go games are super fun and offer a great time-killing option. So, whether you are at home, going to work, or on public transport, play these games to have fun and make some money.

Nakamoto Games’ Own DEX

In Q3 of 2023, Nakamoto Games will launch its own DEX, which will allow its users to swap BUSD on BNB for $NAKA on its new Polygon Network and vice versa. The Nakamoto Games DEX aims to boost on-chain liquidity and make it easier for users to migrate away from the BNB chain ecosystem. This ease of access will help Nakamoto Games big time, as the BNB chain has over 2 million users.

Nakamoto Games' Ecosystem Ends in 2022 with 100 Play to Earn Games 
Nakamoto Games’ Ecosystem Ends in 2022 with 100 Play to Earn Games 

As for the new games in Q3 of 2022, Nakamoto Games added Tank Battle and Night Warrior.

Tank Battle

Tank Battle is a 3D multiplayer shooter that pits tanks against each other. Players have to destroy enemy tanks, and the competitive nature of the game has made it popular in the ecosystem. The game’s creators plan to release updates with new skins and equipment and other fun features to make the game more fun.

Nakamoto Games play-to-earn NFT metaverse ecosystem Tank Battle
Nakamoto Games’ Ecosystem Ends in 2022 with 100 Play to Earn Games 

Night Warrior

Night Warrior is a treat for fans of the horror genre and survival themes. The game combines both horror and survival and puts you in a monster-infested environment to survive the night. The players have to face waves of monsters, with every wave getting stronger and scarier. However, players can upgrade weapons and armor at the end of each wave by using dropped coins.

Both Night Warrior and Tank Battle have gotten a lot better in terms of how they play and how they look compared to their previous games. Moreover, the community seems to love both of these newly added titles, and the response tells the story.

Nakamoto Games In-Game Achievements

Aside from tickets and badges, Nakamoto Games has introduced a new EXP system. EXP will increase productivity, performance, and profit in the NAKAVERSE. Players can earn rewards by completing in-game quests, with a total of 21 unique quests in on-site games. So, players will have to play different games on the Nakamoto Games site to earn massive rewards.

Moreover, developers have made all the games in the ecosystem completely free, making it a free-to-play platform. Free-to-play users won’t be able to earn $NAKA directly, but they will be able to try out other play-to-earn games with in-game rewards.

The players can also participate in tournaments and win prizes. The recent Nakamoto Games tournament had a prize pool of $2250, and the winner took home $1000 USD. The event was absolutely free to enter, making it easy and engaging for the community as a whole.

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