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Roblox Corporation

People with capital to invest are having a go at the popular kids gaming and game creation platform, Roblox. Within days the company is now worth more than Ubisoft and Take-Two combined, this is quite surprising.

Roblox Corporation is now worth (much) more than Take-Two and Ubisoft combined

Roblox Corporation is now worth (much) more than Take-Two and Ubisoft combined


Roblox is a gaming platform that lets children play as well as create games. This simple platform has impressed investors to such an extent that it reached a valuation of $45 billion on its first day after going public. The amount is quite impressive as well as no other name, even Fortnite make Epic Games ($17.5 billion) is this much.

Price point

The company started with a price point of $45 a share which instantly rose to $69.50. This gave the company a market cap of over $38 billion. On the other hand, Ubisoft’s market cap is $8.0 billion and Take-Two is $19.5 billion at the time of writing this article. One thing is for sure that Roblox is incredibly valuable nowadays and is worth more than Take-Two and Ubisoft combined.

Analyst notes

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad notes, “While the company has a roadmap it also acknowledges that its expenses are likely to increase and of course it needs to execute on its strategy to be successful, so there are also some risks. While it has mostly appealed to a younger audience in the past, the potential of expanding to an older audience, reaching players outside the US (Tencent has a license to launch the game in China) and additional content and monetization opportunities would allow the kids gaming platform to grow even further and reach profitability.”

Investors like Roblox

Roblox popularity among the investors is due to two prominent factors. First, it is specifically for kids and second, it’s creation tools are super easy and user friendly. Creators on the game platform are engaged in games creation, games stories, social spaces, role-playing spaces and more. Until last year, Roblox had a total of eight million developers and 20 million creations.

Reinout te Brake

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