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Ultra Games has reached another important milestone by launching its Google Chrome application. This comes after the successful launch of the Ultra Games store. Ultra Games is the Steam version of Web3 games, which is changing the video game market by adding more features for a better gaming experience. By adding this extension to their computers, Ultra Games users can go straight to their wallets. Users can put their UOS and Uniqs in the cryptocurrency wallet that doesn’t hold users’ money. With this application, users can also trade NFTs safely and without paying any extra fees.

Also, Ultra Games was going to release their third-party data source. Ultra Games has also given the name ‘Ultra is Life’ to their third-party data source and interface. ‘Ultra is Life’ lets users see what NFT and ultra wallet trades are going on in the Uniq market.

Ultra Games has a long list of planned improvements that will make the user experience better, and they are working on even more interesting features. We’ve already talked about some web3 games that are available on Ultra Games. In this blog, we’ll talk about games that are coming soon to Ultra Games.

Synergy Land Coming to Ultra Games

Synergy Land will soon be a part of the Ultra Games. Synergy Land takes place in a fantasy world with four ecosystems: earth, water, fire, and ice. It is an Action RPG that uses MOBA ideas in a player-driven world. It gives players full power over all of the digital assets in a game.

In battles, you can take over the arena with a method that doesn’t use targeting. The user will become a hero and explore dungeons in a great adventure against strong fighters and other players. They use a skill system that changes over time and lets players mix spells and items to make synergies. With their game shop and marketplace, they are able to make an in-game economy that is strong and growing. The players will take on the role of a hero and explore dungeons on a great journey.

Infinite Fleet on Ultra Games

The goal of Infinite Fleet is to become the go-to MMO for space travel in the Web3 community. Players can buy different types of spaceships to use in the fight against the predatory, evil Atrox aliens for the future of humanity. Also, every spaceship changes into a group of artificial people. This is cool, but it doesn’t make any sense.

In this game, you are in charge of a fleet of ships and have to go from system to system to perform tasks. In each system, most of your work will be done on either a mining rig or a space station.

Dread Templar

First-person shooter that moves quickly Dread Templar has parts from both modern shooters and classics from the 1990s. You are a Dread Templar who wants to get even in a bad world. Explore the levels and solve tasks to find hidden weapons and upgrades. Use ninja gear, weapons, and weapons from hell to fight troops of demons and other bad things. It will make you scarier than anything else in hell. Get Dread Powers, which will help you fight the forces of evil. Also, improve your skills to fit the way you play.

What’s More in Ultra Games

Legends of Elysium, a Web3 card and board game, is giving away free LOE Ultra Back Cards to celebrate the opening of the Ultra Games shop. The cards can also be used as items in the game, but they can also be used to help with different projects.

Lords & Villeins is a farming game that will be available on Ultra Games when it comes out. Spoils of War, a first-person shooter for Web3 made by Immortal Studio, is also coming to Ultra Games.

The Harvest is a first-person shooter for Web3, and Ultra Games will sell it. The Flyleaf Studios game FurBrawls is an online Web3 arcade game that is coming to Ultra Games.

Also, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, a Web2-based turn-based role-playing game, will be playable on Ultra.

All of these games have their own high-end fans, and once these games join the Ultra platform, the number of Ultra Games fans will definitely go through the roof.

The idea of “blockchain Steam” was first brought up in 2018, and since then it has been developed. An early user project is planned for 2023. Ultra lets users buy and sell PC games. It also has its own NFT marketplace, esports website, and streaming technology based on the Theta blockchain.

Everything has its own UOS coin and works on the Ultra blockchain. The EOS.IO SDK is what Ultra is made of. Users can use Ultra Wallet to pay for things, or they can just use their regular bank and credit cards.

The first entertainment platform, called Ultra, brings together all of the important services that the gaming business needs under one login. You will be able to use a wide range of fixed and decentralized services when you use Ultra Games. You can find, buy, play, and sell games and in-game items, watch live streaming feeds, talk to your best influencers, enter competitions, and do a lot more.

With Ultra, customers will get unlimited value, and creators will be able to fight on an even playing field. There will be a whole new set of opportunities for the games business.

Ultra Games Launches Chrome Extension for Ultra Wallet
Ultra Games Launches Chrome Extension for Ultra Wallet

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