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PUBG NFT Metaverse is coming!

PUBG’s parent company Krafton decides to test the waters of the metaverse. In a recent announcement, the South Korean gaming giant has shown intention to establish an NFT metaverse platform.

PUBG NFT Metaverse is coming!

PUBG NFT Metaverse is coming!

This new project involves NAVER Z which is an operator of the leading Asian metaverse platform ZEPTO. The platform is a virtual world that allows users to interact inside a 3D world using avatars via AR technology. It has attracted over 290 million users worldwide.

Krafton eyes two objectives in its new NFT metaverse project; a user-generated content creation tool, and a virtual world. Krafton will use Unreal Engine for its virtual world creation, and NAVER Z will manage the metaverse services.

“This partnership between KRAFTON and NAVER Z is bolstered by each company’s unique expertise and shared global focused as they look toward a future driven by NFTs and metaverses,” said HyungChul Park, Krafton’s web 3.0 team lead.

“By combining KRAFTON’s existing technologies and research on how to build scalable Web 3.0 creator-driven ecosystems with NAVER Z and ZEPETO’s experience and capabilities, we’re confident we can build a high-quality UGC-driven open meta-verse that stands apart from other services and vitalizes the global creator economy through NFT technologies.”

PUBG NFT Metaverse is coming!

PUBG NFT Metaverse is coming!

Those of you who are still wondering what this new metaverse means, it is a network of 3D virtual spaces where users can engage in several activities. Users might engage in socializing, playing, working, and even entertainment.

There are various gaming and tech companies currently working on building a metaverse such as Microsoft, Bandai Namco, and Epic Games. As for NFTs, Ubisoft and Konami have already launched theirs while Square Enix has plans to follow suit.

However, there aren’t all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to NFTs. Several developers and companies have taken a u-turn on NFTs, most recently Team17. The idea of NFTs in video games isn’t very well received in the public.

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