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NFT Games and the year 2022, Where Does the Big Devs Stand?

There is hardly any day that goes by without the mention of trendy buzzwords like crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse. Every other article and news piece on technology and gaming contains these words and the upward momentum continued for some time.

NFT Games and Video Games Industry

NFT Games and Video Games Industry

But there has been little substance to NFT’s when it comes to gaming. Today we are going to assess what NFTs might bring us in the year 2022 and what the gaming community should expect.

Moreover, what is the current status of NFTs in the video gaming industry when it comes to big guns?

Some say that NFT’s are the future of the gaming industry, but a lot more are skeptical about it. People will spend more time trading digital stuff with each other rather than having fun while playing games.

NFT Games The Year 2022

NFT Games The Year 2022

Moreover, the lust for money will drive more people to engage in blockchain transactions which can have catastrophic implications on the environment.

The current status of NFT games

Let’s have a look at the games that support NFT’s; DeFi Kingdoms, Splinterlands, Bomb Crypto, and Axie Infinity. The games are doing great when it comes to trading volume and popularity. However, NFT games have yet to get all-out support from the gaming community as there are no announcements from mainstream upcoming games to have NFT integration. Though many have shown interest in NFT and blockchain gaming, we are yet to see any projects.

Powerful Developers’ Stance on NFT


Ubisoft CEO supports NFTs and blockchain integration into gaming and branded it as a revolution. The company has already launched NFT’s in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.


EA has yet to go public when it comes to NFT, but the CEO says that NFTs are promising and will play a meaningful part in the future.


Sony’s subsidiary Sony Pictures has already baked some fresh Spider-Man NFTs.


Last year Capcom licensed out Street Fighter for an NFT card collection.

NFT Games The Year 2022

NFT Games The Year 2022

Take-Two, Sega, Epic, and Square Enix

All three are cautious in their approach, they are interested in the new phenomenon but will dip their toes when the time is right for them. At the moment they haven’t announced or launched NFT projects.

Valve and Microsoft

Both these big guns are apparently against NFTs and blockchain-based games. Valve has barred all NFT games from its market. While Phil Spencer of Microsoft doesn’t seem much impressed with the idea of blockchain and NFT’s.

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