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Fortnite’s developer Epic Games has dedicated a whopping $20 million prize pool for this year’s Fortnite Champion Series.

Fortnite’s competitive scene will get more interesting this year as the prize pool has been increased from last year’s $17 million.

Esports this year is looking promising and Fortnite Champion Series 2021 is all set to play its role. The ecstatic news came from Epic when it provided details about the Fortnite Champion Series 2021. The highest level of competition in Fortnite will kick off on February 4th starting with qualifying rounds. The qualified teams will then go head to head in the finals which will take place on the 12th of March.

Fortnite Champion Series 2021 has a $20 million Prize Pool - Epic Games

Fortnite Champion Series 2021 has a $20 million Prize Pool – Epic Games

Epic made some changes in the format of FNCS 2021. This year’s finals and semi-finals will be played on different weekends. This is decided to give players a much-needed rest time and to manage the tournament in a better way. Another new step introduced is about the broadcast of Fortnite Champion Series 2021. As the audience of the Fortnite Champion Series is global in nature, Spanish, German, and French broadcast is on the cards along with English. You can take a look at the complete blog post on Epic Games blog to know more about the changes in detail.

As for the prize pool, FNCS 2021 will have four seasons with $3 million pledged for each season. However, the good thing is that Epic assured of additional tournaments this year, Epic said, “We also have plans for mid and end of year competitions where we will bring together the top performing FNCS players in each region in multiple competitive formats.” The remaining prize will get allotted to mid and year-end tournaments.

The changes introduced this year are to give a better experience to the audience throughout the year. Epic said in their blog post, “Our overall goal is to create better consistency throughout the year and tie the 2021 seasons together for a more cohesive experience.”

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