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Age of Empires Producer Peter Bergstrom shares his thoughts on Gamefi, blockchain games, and Web3 mass adoption and its future.

There is scarcity in successful cases when it comes to advancing toward blockchain mass adoption. However, the same is true for cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects. Blockchain games in the gaming industry received the same attention and passion as their conventional rivals. Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain games compete against their mainstream rivals. The crypto ecosystem has spent more than a decade demonstrating its ability to uplift the status quo.

However, reshaping the established system in a specific industry is not possible for everyone. As a result, the blockchain gaming sector must offer everything that traditional gaming does while also exceeding players’ expectations with innovative features and activities.

GameFi, which combines gaming and finance, receives support from the crypto community. The reason lies in its potential via its crypto innovations to challenge the status quo.

Peter Bergstrom on Gamefi and Blockchain Gaming

Peter Bergstrom, Former Age of Umpires Producer, spent more than 25 years working for well-known video game companies including Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft Game Studios. He witnessed what it takes for a game to have an impact across generations as a producer of Age of Empires. Bergstrom has recently entered the Web3 space to support the equalization of blockchain gaming with classic video games.

Bergstrom gives insight into what makes or breaks a video game.

Former Age of Empires Producer shared some key points and revealed how the ecosystem can expedite the inevitable:

The GameFi ecosystem hasn’t had enough time to come close to making things attractive or comparable with traditional games. It appears as GameFi has largely focused on earning money or cryptocurrency and nothing else for rewards—very complicated processes that are not appealing to many gamers.

Furthermore, none of the GameFi publishers can even begin to compete with the online (or physical store) distribution platforms used by iOS, Android, Steam, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. Additionally, not enough has been done to make it simple to play a GameFi game or to connect to it.

Blockchain Mainstream Adoption is making its way into Web3

AAA game makers will eventually include Web3 and build spectacular games. Web3 gaming will acquire a sizable audience by utilizing non-traditional ways of distribution. Perhaps through developed social media, a new artificial intelligence (AI)-driven distribution platform, or a takeover of an established Web2 company.

The Age of Empires Example in Community Building

Age of Empires was and remains fantastic because you could control the game’s rhythm. In the beginning of the game, you develop a civilian population. Then, you build a military force to defend them. Finally, you extend the civilian population to aid the military. Eventually, over the course of a match, you progressively build your empire. Age of Empires puts more authority in your hands by providing you with more options, which leads to a slower, more deliberate, more strategic play style. Some clashes can stretch for hours.

The single-player campaign, single-player skirmish, and multiplayer game modes in Age of Empires are the three most common game modes.

How to Achieve Blockchain Mass Adoption for Games

Talented game designers constantly create new and unique gameplay mechanics and smoothly integrate these into the rest of what is already present, which is what makes the gaming industry so lucrative. Games on GameFi Web3 will undoubtedly experience this as well. Several things will happen gradually by various game designers and developers, not all at once.

Peter Bergstrom’s Thoughts on the GameFi Ecosystem

The GameFi tokens and its ecosystem are a part of a tested business model that has seen development for 35 years. By 2022, there will be 3.09 billion gamers worldwide, who will generate $185 billion. Several of these players will probably be among the first to use Web3 gaming (as we already have seen in the Philippines with Axie Infinity). 31 million gamers make up even 1% of the gaming market. The vast installed base of consumers is typically taken into account by business analysts when making investment suggestions, which encourages investors to place their money in certain areas.

Age of Empires Producer Peter Bergstrom shares his thoughts on Gamefi, blockchain games, and Web3 mass adoption and its future.
Age of Empires Producer Peter Bergstrom shares his thoughts on Gamefi, blockchain games, and Web3 mass adoption and its future.

How blockchain games can surpass mainstream publishers

Technology is irrelevant to players when it comes to enjoying games. Stop talking about blockchain, NFT, play-to-earn (P2E), metaverse, and Web 3. Players will buy a decent game that gently incorporates blockchain, NFTs, play and earn, or whatever else is necessary to build a better game. As long as the game is enjoyable, it doesn’t matter whether the engine is Unity or Unreal. Youngsters don’t need a science lesson; they just want to have fun playing.

Advice for Web3 Gamefi Developers

Following the investment boom of 2021 and 2022, 2023 is the year of cost-cutting and extending your financial runway before developing your game and coming up with fresh, more appealing gameplay ideas as you wait for the VC money to arrive. Also, use your network to find partnerships, alliances, and linkages with businesses in your industry that will benefit both of you. Also, never stop looking and establish cordial relationships with VCs and other investors.

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