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Alien Worlds blockchain game launches new update to make the gameplay more exciting and player-friendly along with numerous bug fixes. The updates involve Syndicates, Missions, Mining, and more.

Alien World releases a new update, fixing bugs for a seamless gaming experience.

The popular blockchain-based game recently released a new update that includes several bug fixes to improve the overall user experience.

Alien Worlds Syndicates Bug Fixes

The first issue addressed by the fix was related to the management of Candidacy for Custodians. Previously, there was a bug that prevented Custodians from properly managing their Candidacy status, which could cause confusion and frustration for players. This issue has now been resolved, allowing Custodians to manage their Candidacy status more easily and effectively.

The second issue addressed by the fix was related to the unstaking of votes. Previously, there was a discrepancy between the UI and on-chain information regarding the unstaking delay for votes. This could lead to confusion and mistakes when unstaking votes, which could in turn potentially impact the player’s experience in the game. This issue has now been resolved, ensuring that the UI and on-chain information for unstaking delay is consistent and accurate.

The “Update Custodian Proposals table in Planet Details page” is a new feature in the game Alien Worlds that improve the functionality and usability of the Planet Details page. This feature provides players with a more comprehensive view of the Custodian Proposals table, which can help them to make more informed decisions and engage more fully with the game.

An issue related to the slider functionality in the Add Vote Power overlay was also fixed in the recent update, which could cause confusion and frustration for players.

Alien Worlds Vote Power Fix and More

The game also fixed the ‘Vote Power’ decimal point in the Syndicates sidebar. This fix addresses an issue related to the decimal point in the Syndicates sidebar, which could cause confusion for players when trying to view their current vote power. The fix ensures that the decimal point is displayed correctly, allowing players to view their vote power accurately and easily.

The issue that was confusing players when staking tokens is over as well. Previously, there was a bug that had the Vote Power overlays swapping when staking tokens. This was leading players to mistakenly stake tokens on the wrong option.

The Tokenomics Update in the Blockchain Game

Previously, some players may have noticed that their staked tokens were not appearing in the main sidebar. Even though they had successfully staked their tokens. This could have led to confusion and frustration for players who were unable to easily track their staked tokens. This issue is not over by fixing incorrect values for ‘Staked Wax Trilium’ in the main Sidebar.

In the recent update, Alien World has implemented a new feature that allows users to purchase tokens directly from the Fixed Convert Planetary Token overlay if they do not have any tokens available for conversion. This means that users can now easily acquire tokens without having to leave the platform. Or even use a separate cryptocurrency exchange.

It appears that there was a bug in a user interface (UI) feature that was troubling proposals from all Syndicates in line for the display. It displayed only the proposals from the currently selected planet. Syndicates are groups of players within a blockchain-based gaming platform who work together towards common goals.

The bug is no more, meaning that the UI feature now functions correctly and only displays proposals from the currently selected planet. This should improve the user experience for players, as they will be able to more easily locate and view proposals that are relevant to their specific planet and Syndicate.

Alien Worlds Update, New Update 1.3.0 Introduces Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements, blockchain game
New Update 1.3.0 Introduces Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements

Alien Worlds Mining Improvements

Another bug was related to the ‘Sort By’ component on the SwitchTools page. It was causing tools to automatically sort by shine instead of the selected option. The fix ensures that tools are now sorted by the selected option in the UI.

The second bug was related to the sorting of assets by charge in the ‘Sort By’ component. The bug was causing inaccurate sorting of player tools by charge time when a player selects the option. The fix ensures that player tools are now accurately sorted by charge time when the ‘Sort By’ option is selected.

Mission Improvements

The update will also repair a bug in its user interface (UI). The bug was causing to pull all mission NFTs instead of caching and reusing images for duplicate NFTs. This had the effect of slowing down the user experience, making it more difficult for players to easily view their Mission NFT inventory.

Overall, the new update released by Alien Worlds includes several significant bug fixes that improve the overall user experience. These fixes ensure that players can enjoy the blockchain game without any technical issues, making it more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. The Alien Worlds team deserves credit for their diligence in identifying and addressing these bugs, while the players are looking forward to future updates that will continue to improve the game.

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