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Dr. Disrespect and Midnight Society NFT game Deadrop finally enter the pre-alpha stage with its gameplay preview making rounds in the gaming industry.

Dr. Disrespect and his unwavering support for NFTs is what everyone knows. Irrespective of what gamers and fans think, Deadrop’s recent gameplay reveal made rounds in the gaming industry. There were thousands of viewers and fans who were physically and virtually present to enjoy the gameplay. Everyone was excited about Deadrop’s gameplay as well as its NFTs. NFTs are gradually making their way to traditional gamers who are embracing them after every AAA-level game release.

Deadrop Gameplay Preview

Dr. Disrespect, a popular YouTuber video game streamer, and former pro esports player also famous as Guy Beahm launched his own video game studio Midnight Society. The studio made it to the industry in 2021 with an aim to create AAA-level first-person shooter games. Moreover, its top priority plan is to execute Deadrop, a vertical extraction shooter with AAA elements to it. Dr. Disrespect’s game as well as his studio’s efforts are bringing traditional gamers and the NFT community on one page. The combo has made a uniquely vibrant community of FPS gamers that embrace the concept of play and own.

Deadrop released 10,000 Polygon NFTs known as Founders Passes. These NFT holders have the privilege to access and play the Deadrop game. The game is now in its pre-alpha stage and is available for the public to play and test. The event also saw popular gamers like Dr. Lupo, Scump, Zlaner, and similar pro players.

An impressive turnout of both virtual and in-person audiences was witnessed during the three-hour Esports event held at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas. As reported by Decrypt, Spike, a content creator who attended the event in person, estimated that around 500 individuals were present at the venue with a long line of people waiting to enter. The live stream of the event by Dr. Disrespect drew approximately 22,000 concurrent viewers while Scump’s stream recorded 10,000 concurrent viewers. The fact that the game offered NFTs to players seemed to have contributed to the event’s massive audience.

Dr. Disrespect Opts for NFTs in Deadrop

There seems to be no cause for concern regarding Dr. Disrespect’s NFTs as they don’t interfere with or alter the gameplay in any way. According to recent findings, the 10,000 Founders Pass NFTs work more like a membership pass for a club. Holders of this unique PFP can wear the visor in-game, enjoy voting rights on game features, get priority access to Midnight Society events, exclusive merchandise, early access to game builds, and various other benefits. Currently, the Founders Pass is trading at a floor price of 0.4 ETH, roughly equivalent to $726.

Deadrop Gameplay Offers PvPvE

The gameplay offers both Player vs Player and Player vs Environment. Midnight Society co-founder and ex-Halo developer Quinn Delhoyo explained the pre-alpha gameplay test. The combo of PvP and PvE is referred to as PvPvE and it tells you a lot about the gaming experience in Deadrop. In the game, you will fight against other players and gradually make your vertical movement toward an extraction point. Reaching the extraction point is the main goal of the game, if you fail to do so, a freezing breeze will set in killing everyone. So, the game offers a lot of action and excitement to players.

DelHoyo adds, “There is a whole 720 degrees of carnage.”

Deadrop, a new PVPVE game, is set to enter the market with a unique retro aesthetic. It sets it apart from fellow PVP Battle Royales like Call of Duty: Warzone or Apex Legends. Developed by Midnight Society, the game’s landscapes are currently in their early stages. But the developers have expressed a desire to create a world permanently set in the 1980s and 1990s, which perfectly complements Doc’s eccentric personality.

Dr. Disrespect, NFT Game, Deadrop, Midnight Society
Dr. Disrespect, NFT Game, Deadrop, Midnight Society

Deadrop NFTs, Free-to-Play, and Other Issues

Deadrop, a new shooter game, has set itself apart by allowing and even encouraging “teaming” among players. This unique feature involves players forming groups and agreeing not to kill each other. This can result in great rewards but also presents its own challenges, such as accidental friendly fire or dealing with betrayal.

However, some online viewers were frustrated with the $25 charge to test the pre-alpha version of the game. That is for those players who did not own its NFTs, especially since Midnight Society’s website claims that Deadrop is “free to play.” Additionally, some gamers reported issues with the game’s frame rate. The frame rate issue is legit because the game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 with ray tracing.

While Twitter users debated over Doc’s supposed “obsession” with NFTs and accused the Midnight Society team of being “heavily focused on NFTs,” the Friday night event focused on promoting the new gameplay features to the audience, with no mention of the controversial acronym.

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