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Apple attempted to drag Valve into its ongoing legal battle with Epic.

Valve did refuse attempt to avoid the subpoena has gone in vain. The company has been ordered by the court to comply.

Apple successfully drags Valve into the Epic versus Apple Battle

Apple successfully drags Steam into the Epic versus Apple Battle

Court speaks out! Valve

A California judge made a remark on the situation. “Apple has salted the Earth with subpoenas, don’t worry, it’s not just you.”

Thomas Hixon went on with regards to issue. A discovery order that requires Valve to share information. This was as requested by Apple. Valve’s resistance to disclosing information will no longer persist.

Apple’s beef

Apple dragged the games company into its beef with Epic Games. Due to the relevance of information of both Steam and Epic Store. Apple is of the view that the information in Steam is significant. Enough to build a strong case against Epic Games. The information is all about competitive practices.

Fishing Expedition

It says that the information Apple seeks is irrelevant. The legal battle involves mobile platforms and Steam. As everyone knows, it is exclusively related to PC. The company has added that Apple is using this as a fishing expedition.

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Wolfire GamesValve Antitrust Lawsuit And Steam Uncodified Law – Inside Gaming News 24/7


A way to obtain data from a third party. It’s has already shared limited information. It believes is enough for Apple and its case.

Apple thinks differently as you can imagine. In the recent hearing, Apple’s lawyer countered Valve’s argument. Apple made it clear that why the gaming company is being dragged.

Discovery order

Apple’s subpoena seeks information. According to the judge’s discovery order, relevant to the effects of competition. Steam is charging a 30% commission. Just like Apple and the emergence of the Epic Game Store. It didn’t affect the commission that the company charges on Steam.

Epic’s Argument 

Epic’s argument is based on “monopolistic practices”. The inclusion  makes sense to the court.

The court dismissed It’s argument about the fishing of third-party data. The court ordered to comply. The tussle between Valve and Apple is turning interesting. It is far from the finish. An addition to the already brewing legal battle between Apple and Epic.

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