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China revises law: China has recently revised its laws pertaining to internet addiction and minors.

China has asked online service providers to restrict time and internet consumption limits for children. Of course they mean Game Addiction!

Chinese top legislatures voted to revise the law to ban such internet services and products that cause internet addiction among children. The revamp also included gaming and streaming companies as well as other social media networks to come up with time limits for minors to stay legal. The measures were also directed to curb cyber-bullying, this step will ultimately strengthen the state’s cyberspace protection especially related to minors.

The revised Law on the Protection of Minors will take effect on June 1, 2021, products and services that include addiction shall be banned and will not be offered to children under the age of 18. The companies that will come under the law include gaming, streaming, video and audio services as well as social media platforms. These companies will have to set time limits and internet consumption limits for kids.

China revises law for minors to protect against game addiction

China revises law for minors to protect against game addiction

This law will also require schools to create a system that would prevent and discourage bullying among students. Moreover, it will also require schools to give proper training to teachers, students, and staff on important matters related to children and bullying.

It is important to note that China has one of the biggest populations of children that use the internet, play games, and watch live-streams. It would be interesting to note how much this legislation will affect the gaming industry in the years to come. Nevertheless, this legislation is one of the most significant steps to discourage the negative impacts of cyberspace on children. What do you guys think about it?


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