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Professional Call Of Duty Player killed by fellow Player. 

Call of duty player: A pro COD Mobile Player Stabbed to Death by fellow Player. Read the line again if you want. I did…Murder in Call of Duty Mobile scene!

Tragedy has befallen Brazilian esports as a female Call of Duty mobile pro player was murdered by another pro player. The murder was pre-meditated and authorities have called it a case of femicide.

Professional Call Of Duty Player killed by fellow Player - Esports

Professional Call Of Duty Player killed by fellow PlayerCall of Duty Mobile

Sad day for esports community in Brazil. The dead body of a 19-year-old female professional player of COD mobile was found in the home of a fellow COD mobile player. The murdered female, Ingrid Oliveira, was a member of FBI (Fantastic Brazil Impact) E-Sports and goes by the alias ‘Sol’. Sol was found dead at the hands of fellow COD player Guilherme Alves ‘Flashlight’ Costa who played for Gamers Elite.

According to a report by ESPN’s Brazilian branch, Flashlight and Sol had met online and Sol visited Flashlight’s place north of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sol was stabbed to death at the hands of Flashlight. The murder surfaced when Costa shared images of Sol’s dead body on WhatsApp groups.

Costa didn’t show any remorse and said, “My sanity is completely fit.” Call of duty player

It is apparent that the murder was preplanned and a case of femicide (killing someone only because they are women). However, authorities haven’t ruled out the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two.

FBI Esport shared their thought on the incident, “She was an extraordinary person, whom we will remember every day that the sun rises, every day that the sunlight touches our body, every time we look at the Sun, we will remember her.”

On the other hand, Costa’s team Gamers Elite distanced itself from Costa as well as from the incident.

Women In Games Argentina released a statement condemning, “acts of insidious violence against women that impact so hard in Latin America.” As of now, Costa is under arrest and will receive a psychiatric examination before standing in a trial.

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